12 Indoor Plants That Are Safe For Your Pets

Before buying an indoor plant, ask if it can be harmful to your pets. This list brings together the best options so that there are no dog and cat poisonings in your home.

Last update: May 10, 2022

If you have pets, it is important to know which indoor plants are safe for your pets. Both cats and dogs are quite curious; especially when they are puppies.

It is common for them to nibble leaves and even eat them. In the event that there are plants that are harmful to the health of animals, this type of game could be deadly in some cases. We invite you to review a list of plants that you can have at home without being aware that your pets suffer from poisoning.

1. Orchids (varieties of Phalaenopsis)

For lovers of these plants, here is excellent news, since it is one of the favorite species to have inside the house. This is because they offer a wide variety of colors and their flowering is quite long.

There is no evidence that this plant can be poisonous, so you can have them near your pets without putting them at risk. However, we suggest you locate them in non-accessible places, because they could easily damage them when trying to play.

Beautiful orchids can decorate a house with pets without danger to animals.

2. Areca

Also known as yellow palm treeIt is a tropical plant that will need a lot of light and always moist soil in order to develop. They are ideal to place in a corner and do not generate any risk for your pets.

Among its benefits we can mention that they work as a remarkable air purifier, in addition to providing an exotic style to your interior spaces. Keep in mind when deciding the place of your areca that it can reach a meter and a half in height.

3. Spider Plant

This species seems to be the almost perfect plant to decorate your house or apartment. It is not harmful to pets, it is very easy to take care of, resistant and very elegant. It is common to plant it in a pot raised from the ground because when its leaves grow, they fall downwards and give a very attractive visual effect.

4. Fern

Speaking of plants that can be placed in height, the fern is ideal for hanging. It is a purifying and safe plant for our four-legged friends, as long as you opt for the variety pteridophyte.

On the other hand, it does not require too much care; just a space with good natural light (but not directly) and frequent watering with little amount of water. Finally, the fern regulates the levels of environmental humidity.

5. Pilea peperomioides

It is a kind of decorative indoor plant that cannot be missing in your home. It is also called swedish ivy.

It is not necessary to water it too much and prefers places with a lot of indirect light. It is not dangerous for pets, so you can enjoy its beautiful green and rounded leaves that will beautify your spaces.

6. Cacti and succulents

These are favorite plants for those who are not very fond of cultivation. They do not need special care, they adapt to any space and they are not harmful to the health of pets.

Some cacti can develop very large spines, so you may want to skip these varieties and stick with the small spikes.

7. Banana

This option is popular among indoor plants that are safe for pets. It grows quite a bit, so you would have to have a good corner to place it.

It has large, green and very showy leaves. Being a tropical plant, it will need sunlight and plenty of water. Just be patient because it takes about 3 years to develop.

8. Calathea

The calathea It is a plant of great ornamental value. Its rounded leaves have an exclusive combination of green and white. It does not represent any threat to dogs and cats in the home.

9. Ribbon

also called love loop, it is perfect to be hung and let its leaves in the form of ribbons fall and shine. They are not toxic for pets, but they are a great attraction for puppies who are tempted to play. The tapes prefer bright spaces and plenty of water.

10. Elephant foot

When we grow the elephant foot in a pot it can reach a height of one and a half meters. It is a tropical plant, harmless to pets.

Contrary to what happens with other tropical species, it doesn’t do well in direct light and with excess water.

11. Gerbera Daisies

These are plants that provide an overdose of color to environments and they are completely harmless to the animals in the house. They bloom up to about 6 weeks.

You can have more than a month of flowers with this variety of daisies, without harming the health of dogs and cats.

12. Rosary of hearts

This beautiful plant grows in a vine mode and its heart-shaped leaves intertwine with each other and then fall to the ground. That is you could hang it to decorate any corner of your house.

It adapts to all types of environments and does not require much water, so we are sure that it will become one of your favorites.

Safe indoor plants for your pets bring harmony

We hope that you will be able to grow some of these 12 varieties of plants that are very decorative and will not cause harm to your pets. In any case, always be careful to consult with specialists about the toxicity of a species, before bringing a new one into your home.

Well-known plants, such as ficus lyratapeace lily or pothos can cause digestive problems in dogs and cats if they were to ingest its leaves. This is why you have to be aware of what happens between your pets and your garden.

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