12 ideas to decorate the house at Christmas

Leaving aside the now traditional trees and nativity scenes, discover 12 ideas to decorate for Christmas and get inspired. Add a festive touch to your home.

Last update: 02 December, 2021

The end of the year is just around the corner and home décor is a perfect way to get carried away in the holiday spirit. Decorating the house during Christmas should not be a source of stress or represent an exaggerated or unnecessary expense. On the contrary, is an ideal opportunity to put your ingenuity to the test.

With a little imagination and time, entire spaces can be transformed and permeated with the happiness and sweetness of the Christmas holidays, before returning to the obligations and new challenges that next year brings. Put some of these ideas into practice to decorate your home for Christmas!

Ideas to decorate the house at Christmas

The way we decorate the home speaks volumes about our personality. Small details can turn a drab space into a gathering place to enjoy the holidays.

In this list you will find 12 Christmas arrangements to decorate and have fun in the process, since many of them can become your next crafts.

1. Advent Calendar

Whether you buy the one that goes the most with your personal style or it is a family craft, Advent calendars are a good way to prepare for Christmas from December 1 to December 24. You can save small details in each of the boxes and surprise everyone with each passing day.

2. A good centerpiece

One of the reasons the holidays are so sweet is because of the traditional foods, recipes and desserts that are served at the table year after year. Use candles of different sizes and surround them with garlands; complemented with flowers or small details of sentimental value.

Distinguish your Christmas table with something that is different to give a special touch.

3. Customize the chairs

Since we have a nice centerpiece, the chairs that complement it cannot be overlooked. Small wreaths, Christmas boots, bells or decorative pinecones They are good ideas to decorate the backrest and integrate the chairs and the table into a single set.

Play with the colors to match and enjoy the new Christmas dining room as a family.

4. Decorate your home with poinsettias

Also known as PoinsettiasPoinsettias are one of the most traditional decorations that Christmas brings. You can use them in wreaths, garlands, on the tree or in pots. Thanks to its versatility, it adapts to every personality.

5. Candy is the perfect Christmas decoration.

Get a glass container in which your favorite gingerbread cookies or candies can show off their alluring sweetness without spoiling. Waffles in bonbonnets, cakes and cupcakes in cake pans; create an exclusive area of ​​sweets and let them be the protagonists at the table.

6. Moose and reindeer

From helping to distribute gifts to Santa Claus to the living room of the house; These big furry can be the ideal decoration for those who remember the happiness of childhood at Christmas. Whether in porcelain, stuffed animals, pictures or small details, reindeer brighten up the corners that we don’t know how to take advantage of.

7. Snowmen

In the absence of real snow to build these icy friends, we can bring them into the comfort of home through decorations. Undisputed companions of the reindeer, they fill the spaces with joy with their carrot noses and their little hats. You can also gather several members and create a world of snow in your style.

8. Make the most of garlands

Garlands are another of the typical decorative elements of Christmas. Whether on crowns, stairs or door frames, you can give them personal touches with lights, balls, snowflakes, dolls or flowers to fill your spaces with festivity.

9. Arrangements with Christmas cones

Dried pineapples have a charm and beauty that they bring to the doors of our house. Either in their natural brown color or painted in gold, you can use them to make a large crown, as a complement to arrangements with candles or simply decorating the Christmas tree.

10. Christmas socks

The image of socks over the fireplace is a classic in every holiday movie. With them we can decorate an empty wall or a shelf and each member of the family can choose the one that best suits them. Fill them on Christmas Eve with sweets or little details.

The Christmas socks have an unmistakable design that reminds us of childhood and the movies of the time.

11. Windows to decorate

Decorate interior and exterior windows with mistletoes, angels, stars or some arrangement of balls of different sizes. Frame them with lights or garlands.

They will become the perfect showcases to show off those Christmas details and let the festivities feel from outside your home.

12. The classic mistletoe for lovers

Christmas is sweeter when we share it with our loved ones. Putting mistletoes on the doors or portals is a good excuse so that love is not lacking in your home, as well as being an excellent decorative natural element.

Ideas abound for decorating the house for Christmas

You no longer have excuses. It is time to plan and execute the ideas to decorate the house for Christmas. Let’s do it!

Let your imagination fly and invite your family and friends to participate in this initiative. The joy of the holidays is near.

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