12 basic objects to decorate your home

Would you like to have a nice and beautiful home? Doing small reforms in the decoration you can achieve it!

Last update: December 09, 2021

Do you want to make a reform, but you feel that you have no skills for decoration? This is something very common, because not all of us are experts in interior design. However, there are certain tricks and wildcard elements that should be known. In this article we will show you 12 basic objects to decorate your home.

The decoration is based on creativity, imagination, organization and aesthetics to give a pleasant appearance to the spaces. According to the Barcelona School of Design, interior decoration involves furniture, colors and textures, as well as determining lighting accessories.

Basic objects to decorate your home

There are objects that par excellence elevate the decoration to a level of greater sophistication and good taste. Regardless of the style you have in your home, be it industrial, classic, minimalist, vintage, avant-garde or bohemian, there are objects that never go wrong.

It is not about putting them all without any intention, but about knowing what their contribution is and use them in those spaces to which you want to give a new look. You should also bear in mind that you do not need to make large investments. Being basic objects to decorate, it is possible to find them in different price ranges.

1. Lamps

Good lighting is a basic principle in interior design. For this reason, lamps are essential decorative objects. According to their design, the important thing is that they harmonize with the space.

Tall lamps go very well in living rooms, libraries or studios. Table lamps in the room add warmth to this space, which should look cozy.

They can be put on side tables to highlight spaces in the home. You can use hoods in light colors and in natural fibers for a more natural look. If you want a more modern look, lamps with metallic finishes and stylized figures work very well.

2. Rugs or carpets

The rugs or carpets are classics in the decoration that are unavoidable. Especially in the fall, winter or in cold areas.

On one side, They fulfill the function of bringing warmth to the home. In addition, they also help to add a touch to the decoration.

They are ideal for use in bedrooms and in the living room. However, they can also be used at the entrance of the house or in hallways, which are often more difficult to decorate.

Rugs are not only functional in cold weather, but they also add to the style of the space.

3. Mirrors

According to Feng Shui, mirrors are synonymous with abundance because they magnify the energy of what is reflected in them. Therefore, it is not advisable to have them broken or damaged.

Also, it is not advisable to put them in front of the bed in the bedroom. On the contrary, they can look great in the living room or in rest areas.

4. Curtains

The curtains regulate the light in the spaces, while also adding aesthetic value. In addition, they fulfill functions related to privacy.

For the most modern homes that prioritize comfort, Automatic and electric curtains are an excellent option. On the other hand, there are also the wooden blinds, which provide a more natural and classic finish.

Fabric curtains depend on the choice of gender. Heavier fabrics tend to add elegance, but are reserved for spacious rooms. Meanwhile, lighter and lighter fabrics can go well in bedrooms.

5. Artistic pieces

Every house should have a work of art. It is not about acquiring expensive and famous paintings, but about giving space to paintings, sculptures or artistic objects that fill with beauty.

Including small artisan pieces can make the place completely change its style. For example, if you have an empty side table, a good piece of pottery can fill it with life. Find objects that you like and that are representative.

6. Shelves

Shelves are basic objects to decorate because they fulfill a fundamental function in houses: to hold other objects. Even in the most minimalist styles the inclusion of shelves is contemplated, Well, on them you can put books, photographs, toys or plants.

7. Cushions

Cushions are a classic element in decoration because create impact easily. They are used on sofas, armchairs or a bed. Also, they can be found inexpensively.

They create life and contrast in the rooms. For example, if your living room looks very boring, you can put a couple of cushions on the sofa, which are sure to attract attention.

8. Plants or vases

The inclusion of nature in the home is a trend that never goes out of style. Plants bring a lot of freshness to spaces, in addition to having health benefits and helping to purify the air.

Vases look great in hallways and living rooms, as do plants. However, these also go very well to decorate patios, balconies and terraces.

9. Auxiliary tables

In general, houses always have a table in the dining room and another in the living room. However, end tables are also very convenient and add to the decor. First, in themselves they can be a decorative object, depending on the style you choose, but they also help you put other objects on top.

10. Libraries

Libraries are shelves for storing books that, in addition to this function, also look good in the houses. They give a sophisticated and elegant touch to spaces.

They can occupy spaces that seem empty and fill them with life. The important thing is that you also keep the shelves and the spines of the books well-kept organized.

There are many ways to make a home library. From the small ones in the corners to the complete walls full of books.

11. Blankets and textiles

Textiles are magical because they bring a touch of sophistication to spaces! On top of the armchairs and sofas, or on the bed, the blankets add a touch of warmth and comfort.

If you use those that are made of natural fibers, they add to a sophisticated and very current style. However, if the rest of the decoration is simple and monochromatic, a blanket with texture and in bright colors will fill the living space.

12. Boxes and baskets

Boxes and baskets are a wonderful object that we should all have at home! They exist in multiple styles: natural fibers, cardboard, with children’s motifs, wood, in handmade basketwork. They allow to organize objects, such as toys, cables, jewelry accessories, toiletries, or small items of clothing.

Tips when using basic objects to decorate

One of the most common mistakes in home decoration is having a space with an exaggerated amount of objects. This causes saturation and it makes spaces look messy and not very harmonious or pleasant.

A basic step is to define the style of your house or the rooms you want to decorate. After defining your style, you can look for inspiration online or in books.

With this in mind, it is important that check what objects really add to your house in terms of utility. Do you save things just to accumulate them? Marie Kondo’s method, famous for her successful program of Netflix, talks about preserving only those objects that really have an important connection for people.

In addition, there are useful techniques that will serve as a guide to harmonize the spaces. The color wheel is one of them. Colors that are opposed to each other combine and so do those that are neighbors.

Now you know 12 basic objects to decorate your house and how to use them! Before starting to implement improvements in your home, it is essential that you assess the needs of the people and pets that live there.

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