12 bad habits you should forget when cleaning your house

For God’s sake, don’t go to bed without first washing the dishes. Find out what other bad habits you might be falling into.

Last update: 21 March, 2022

Watch out! Almost all tasks can be harmed by bad habits and cleaning the house is not exempt from this situation. In fact, all these bad practices make house cleaning a more exhausting activity than it really is.

A poorly done cleaning makes us lose money and, worse, time. But like almost everything in life, this has a solution, as long as you are aware of the mistake.

Cleaning windows on a sunny day or using the same cloth to clean different surfaces are just a few examples. Find out what other bad habits you could be incurring when cleaning your house.

1. Start cleaning from the bottom up

It may be that when you see the floor covered with residue, dust and rubbish, your instinct is to go for them in the first instance. This may be normal but the reasonable thing is to start cleaning from the top down.

In this way, the dust from lamps, paintings, shelves and other furniture will fall to the floor. That should be the last place you clean of the stay.

2. Use the same scouring pad to clean all surfaces

Cloths, scourers and other cleaning instruments they can stain some surfaces if we clean very damaged areas with them. It is recommended to replace with a clean one, since you could transfer the dirt. If the scouring pad looks bad and has embedded residue, you should replace it without delay.

You must change the cloth you use for each surface, so that you do not carry dirt from one place to another.

3. Apply the products directly

Pouring a product directly onto a surface could stain it, which will make it more difficult to achieve neatness and good appearance of the area. The best way to avoid these accidents is to spray the product on a cloth, and then proceed to clean the compromised area.

There are even products that you must reduce with water before using.

4. Using too much soap

Using more soap than necessary will not clean clothes and dishes any more, as well as surfaces that need to be scrubbed. Quite the contrary: excess soap will leave behind more dirt and you will have to use more water to achieve a good result.

This, not to mention that you could ruin some fabrics. It is recommended to use the amount of detergent indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Not cleaning the cleaning instruments

Do the cloth, broom, mop, mop, sponge and brush clean themselves? It seemed so. They are already carrying enough soap, bleach, disinfectant and water while we clean. Why wash them again?

seems a bit reasonable this way of thinking. However, it is very far from reality.

Microbes and dirt tend to adhere to the instruments we use to clean, so each object that we use to clean the house must be sanitized. Otherwise, you will be carrying the same dirt from one place to another.

6. Pile up wet cloths

We are tired because it has been a long day cleaning the house. What is the first thing we do? Leave wet cloths or towels in a pile.

An error that many are not aware of. Not knowing, these are perfect for growing mold and bacteria. You should also note that the smell after a few hours is unpleasant.

Best practice is to hang each damp cloth out to dry. Then place them in the laundry basket to wash it when it’s your turn.

7. Not protecting your hands with gloves

Don’t ruin your hands. Protect them from abrasive products, abuse and possible accidents such as cuts. The best measure to take care of your hands while cleaning the house is to use good quality rubber gloves. Make sure these are your size.

8. Do not allow the product to act

You are not the only person who has this practice: pour the cleaning product and immediately proceed to clean. Each substance has a specific time to do its job. You can find out in the instructions.

However, it could be said that 30 seconds are required, in general. This achieves the desired result without having to carve the area so much.

9. Leave things watered before going to bed

“Tomorrow I’ll wash the dishes, today I’m very tired”. And the next day: “Wow, what a mess! I would have done it last night.”. That is not the only reason to clean everything before going to bed.

Remember that at night insects and rodents come out they feed on what you have left. Do you want to have nightmares? She leaves the dirty dishes and wakes up at dawn to turn on the kitchen light. You’ll agree with us after seeing the bug party.

It is a mistake to leave the crockery to wash the next day. It is best to finish the task immediately.

10. Overfilling the dishwasher and washing machine

Filling some appliances to the limit is a mistake that we usually make. It is thought that this way we can save time, water and energy, but nothing could be more false than this.

turns out the effectiveness of the appliance is given when you fill it to 3/4 of its total capacity. Otherwise, you run the risk that the objects will come out dirty and you will have to repeat the procedure.

11. Walking with walking shoes inside the house

It is a habit of Asian countries, but if you stop to think for a moment, allows you to keep your home clean for longer. You leave the dirt of the street in the entrance of your house. Do you know how many things you step on in a little walk?

12. Forgetting to clean light switches

Skipping light switches is more common than you think. These result from the great forgotten of cleaning.

But taking into account that these are touched daily and several times a day, by different hands, we must list them on our cleaning surfaces. At least once a week. A towel or cloth with alcohol will suffice.

By cleaning your house, leave bad habits behind

You may not have realized it, but if your house is not kept clean, there are many bad habits that you need to stop right now. What’s the point of cleaning if you screw it up instantly? Recognize these 12 bad habits when cleaning your house so you don’t make the mistake of working on what you worked on in a few minutes.

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