11 tips to find a job without having experience

The job search is overwhelming when you are not yet entering the labor field. Put away the worry and write down the tricks that we will present you to find a job without having experience.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on September 10, 2021.

Last update: September 10, 2021

The first job, sometimes, is an uphill road. Some companies require prior practices, causing insecurity if you lack contact with the world of work. The only way to fuel your resume is to remove insecurities and face the adventure of finding work without having experience.

It is not impossible to fill a vacancy if you find the right places. It helps to honest your goals, arm yourself with patience and know how to promote yourself. Other tips that we expose next favor the search.

1. Prepare a good resume

Specify in the curriculum your personal information, academic training, languages, skills, interests and goals. Make sure the document reflects your willingness to learn and how you would contribute to the company. Highlight your strengths and expectations. Present it as a summary and do not recharge with details.

2. Check digital agencies

There are platforms Web that offer jobs in different areas. These systems filter the search if you check the "inexperienced" box. You will compete on equal terms, which alleviates a bit the stress generated by measuring yourself with people who have already worked.

The mechanics in digital agencies consists of subscribing, uploading the curriculum and waiting for them to contact you. If you match the requirements, it will be a matter of time.

3. Target the right offers

One of the frequent mistakes to find a job without having experience is applying for vacancies that are contrary to your training. Jobs that you can't respond to with your skills are also less likely. As well as your, lots of people go after an opportunity and companies prioritize requests according to their market.

Developing the curriculum is an important step that, although tedious, must be completed.

4. Learn about your area

Don't wait until it's time to apply to prepare. read blogs, sign up for workshops, join groups, interact in forums, diplomas or any course that enriches your profession.

Getting educated attests to your dedication and commitment to your training. By enhancing your qualities, you position yourself as an ideal candidate.

5. Expand your network of contacts

The recommendations are of weight in the labor field. How many people would find their first job through a friend of a friend? Create and cultivate your network of contacts, promoting what you do and what you know.

This technique works online and offline. LinkedIn it is one of the most complete platforms to circulate your CV on the internet; while the method from mouth to mouth It is the traditional one to recommend you.

6. Don't rule out scholarships

There are companies that promote training internships or scholarships. This is the perfect opportunity to learn and add experience.

7. Don't let your guard down

After handing out resumes, be active. While the employer's call comes in, inquire about vacancies, attend talks, report the search in your environment. Maybe someone knows of an offer that interests you.

8. Chart the path to success

Circle your knowledge and the personal characteristics that your future job requires. Join the circumferences and pay attention to the intersecting aspects. This graphical representation is known as Venn Diagram and serves as a reference to know what to correct or strengthen in your cover letter.

9. Lean on knowledge transfer

When looking for work without having experience, the mentoring it works as an orientation technique. You receive knowledge from a more experienced professional.

According to studies, this learning methodology stimulates personal and professional development through a model of qualities personal and values.

10. Show off in interviews

Show your best attitude in interviews. Sharpen on your strengths and be honest with what you have to offer.

11. Patience

Finding work without having experience takes time. Although it can last several weeks or months, you will surely get a vacancy. As the process progresses, do not stop reviewing offers, ask and explore in other areas. Don't give up and be patient.

Mistakes to avoid when looking for a job for the first time

Just as it is good to know what to do, it is also good to know the mistakes you should not make. Take note of the following bad practices.

To lie

Thickening the curriculum with lies does not. It is useless to say that you worked in certain places if it is not true. Those who do so run the risk of being discovered.

Being late for the interview

Finally the appointment with the interviewer arrives, but you show up late. Error! Punctuality is essential in any job, especially to make the first impression. Come half an hour in advance, so you take advantage and get to know the building.

Project bad image

What to wear in an interview? Wear clothes that you feel confident in, without drawing too much attention. Be careful with the language: do not fall into vulgarities or far-fetched terms. Pay attention and participate naturally.

Not prepare

Practice the interview with someone you trust, So express your point of view. This is a way to optimize your speaking, expression, and promotion of your skills.

A plus is knowing about the company. While you're inexperienced, knowing as much as you can about the company is a huge boost to getting the position. The recruiter will most likely ask you "What do you know about us?".

Neglecting your profile on social networks (RRSS)

Infoempleo-Adecco 2016 refers to the labor market as a global village in which 86% of companies in Spain have RRSS. They add that 84% of recruiters use them to find candidates.

Considering it, don't neglect your digital identity. If you think it is convenient, differentiate your personal networks from the professional ones. The RRSS could be your first approach with the company.

Social networks are part of life and there are also job searches.

Do not multiply the opportunities

The first steps in the labor field will not be effective if no one knows that you are looking for a job. The multiplication of opportunities occurs in professional meetings, forums, workshops and events that you attend with your business card. Offer it without penalty.

Fall into arrogance

Especially in young candidates, arrogance plays tricks. Instead of exaggerating your qualities, highlight what you would contribute, how you would do the job and why you would fit in the group.

Make a chronological resume without a cover letter

To find work without having experience, volunteering, short internships, your qualities and aspirations build a better resume than writing them in chronological order. Remember that your work baggage is not vast.

Don't forget the cover letter. Two simple paragraphs are enough to highlight your interest in working and why you consider yourself suitable for the position.

Extra recommendations to get a job without having experience

The job market is becoming more competitive. However, there will always be someone willing to give you a chance. As it arrives, don't discount these additional suggestions:

  • Contact temporary work companies (ETT): They are a kind of agency that looks for candidates for other companies. Their wallets have a variety of profiles and maybe one of them fits you.
  • Try the mode freelance: become your own boss and come up with projects according to your skills. Applications like Freelancer or Fiverr they are useful in this case.
  • Start from the bottom: Those who want to find work without having experience often find their first opportunity in a store. Vacancies in shopping centers are used to earn money, experience and show that you do not limit yourself.
  • Join an internship bag: schools and universities usually facilitate this process for their graduates.

Success in finding your first job also depends on persistence and positivity. Don't be dismayed! You will see that the effort will be worth it.