11 perfect types of milk if you do not drink dairy

There is nothing like a bowl of cereal (not if you practice #realfooding) or a coffee with milk first thing in the morning. But if you are lactose intolerant, vegan or simply, you do not like cow's milk, you may enjoy these two small pleasures rather more difficult.

Luckily, there are a thousand and one alternatives among which you can choose if you want to continue drinking milk. The best known are the oats, soy or riceHowever, there are many more options. All are vegetables, very nutritious and also, 'healthy' as you can not. But what is the best option? We must be careful, since normally the available options sulen to have sugar to praise the flavor and its properties in calcium, are much smaller than those of the traditional milk. The key? Find signatures that reduce sugar to the minimum and bet on the flavor that you like the most. Which one do you prefer?


Soy milk

The most famous and known is soy milk, one of the most common options when we talk about milk alternatives to cow milk. It is very high in proteins compared to other vegetable drinks and also contains beneficial amino acids for the body. Its neutral flavor makes it the most used, whether for coffee, smoothies or even, to make recipes for pastry.

Banana milk

It is one of the latest varieties that have entered the market. The use of bananas gives the drink a natural sweetness that otherwise would have to be achieved with added sugars. It is light and soft, although it is not one of the best options available to mix with coffee, better with 'smoothies' or oat flakes.

Coconut milk

After soy milk, it is one of the most famous. It should not be confused with the coconut drink that is used for curry (much more dense and caloric), and although it has neither protein nor carbohydrates, it is high in fat, since the coconut itself has that nutritional property . If it is your chosen option, try to find signatures that complement its composition with vitamin D and B12 for a greater boost of energy.

Hemp milk

Hemp is one of the most booming food trends in recent times. Instagram has fallen surrendered to this plant (you know why and if not, it is summarized in a single word: cannabis), and people are already adding hemp seeds to the salad, using 'beauty' products that have hemp as main ingredient and making this type of vegetable drink the perfect alternative to cow's milk. It contains amino acids, fatty acids and minerals, and in case you were curious, there are no side effects.

Almond milk

Almond milk is the perfect choice if soy milk does not convince you. Although it has a very characteristic flavor, you can add it to almost anything. Our recommendation? Choose the almond milk that does not have added sugars.

Cashew milk

It is one of the least known, but the most tasty. Of course, you have to like cashew nuts. And a lot. It is great to use in sauces to dress salads and although it is not high in protein, it has healthy fats (and the good ones, Palabrita).

Macadamia milk

When we talk about drinks made from nuts, macadamia milk is one of the latest developments. Most firms contain sunflower leticin in their ingredients, which prevents milk from being cut, but has no harmful effect on the body.

Oat milk

This milk has a perfect texture for smoothies and coffees. In addition, it is a good source of fiber and perfect if you are intolerant to soy or simply, you do not want to consume it.

Pea milk

It is the latest fashion in vegetable milks. Peas are beneficial for the environment, since they grow in regions where it rains a lot, so they do not need extra water. It contains proteins similar to those of cow's milk, which enriches its flavor, but causes it to have a slightly lumpy texture.

Rice milk

Another of the best known is rice milk, a combination of rice and milk mixed with some oils to acquire creaminess. It is a perfect option if you are allergic to nuts, yes, if we talk about its nutrients, it does not contain many.

Peanut milk

Made with peanuts, water and a little sugar, peanut butter has more protein, calories and fats than most vegetable-based milks. The good? It tastes like peanuts and it can give a great touch to your coffees.

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