11 best places for digital nomads

Europe or Asia? North or South of the world? Choosing a city to live and work remotely is a very important decision. Let’s review which are the ideal cities for digital nomads.

Last update: October 15, 2021

Digital nomads are the people who work remotely and independently anywhere in the world. Teleworking has grown in recent times and it seems that it is a global trend that will continue to rise. If you are within this group, you may be interested in knowing which are the best places for digital nomads.

Although at first it may seem difficult to combine work with leisure, with time it is possible to achieve a good balance. One of the main attractions of being a digital nomad is traveling the world while generating your income. Let’s review what features these sites have to have and which ones are the most chosen.

Best places for digital nomads: where and why

In general, digital nomads are not very demanding when it comes to choosing their next destination to live and work for an indefinite period of time. However, it seems that everyone is looking for their new place of residence offer security, excellent internet connection, low cost of living and a wide variety of recreational activities.

In this context, we have selected 11 cities from around the world that seem to be among the most chosen by remote workers.

1. Belgrade

The capital of Serbia, located in Southeastern Europe, It is one of the options that nomadic workers prioritize. It offers a constantly moving social life, more than interesting cultural activities and very convenient rates.

It is a place that attracts many teleworkers, so it is very likely that you will meet people in the same situation. We are talking about a monthly expense of around $ 850 between rent and other costs.

Belgrade is among the cities most chosen by digital nomads, as its cost of living is low.

2. Budapest

City and country landscapes offer an especially inspiring environment for those engaged in art, design, or writing. The old meets the modern and ideas quickly appear in the minds of the most creative digital nomads.

Secondly, the cost of living in Budapest is within the average in relation to other European cities (1500 dollars per month). The public transport system is reliable and accessible and the internet connection more than efficient.

3. Krakow

Continuing with cities in Europe, we propose this jewel if you want to spend a season of work and leisure that complement each other perfectly. It is a very inexpensive place that offers a wide variety of cultural activities, in addition to an active nightlife.

The only flaw it has is that winter is long. So if you don’t like cold weather, Krakow might not be your best option.

4. Lisbon

One of our favorites because it has it all: beach, cultural centers, exquisite gastronomy, architecture and lots of social life. In addition, technology is well developed for the work of digital nomads. The cost of living can be as high as $ 1,500 a month.

5. Prague

Although it is not the cheapest ($ 1900 per month), yes it is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Europe to live and work. Every corner of the city hides something worth discovering and that will serve as a source of inspiration. The internet connection is excellent and the standard of living is very good.

6. Bangkok

We go to Asia and start with one of the favorites of those who choose this continent to work, live and travel. The cost of living goes down and takes us to about $ 1,000 a month.

The Thai capital is almost perfect for remote workers, since the internet reaches a good speed, there are spaces of coworking, the food is excellent and offers security to its inhabitants.

7. Chiang Mai

Located in northern Thailand, this city has an average monthly cost of living of $ 500. It is truly a very appropriate site for digital nomads because it meets the requirements most needed by these types of workers. There are internet cafes with good internet, varied and accessible gastronomy and cultural activities are always the order of the day.

8. Hoi An

This city not only offers a quiet life, but its cultural and geographical variety have made it one of the most sought after cities by remote workers around the world. It stands out for its wide variety of cafes and spaces coworking. On the economic side, we are talking about a cost of living of $ 600 per month.

9. Taipei

Located in Taiwan, the city of Taipei is one of those that is establishing itself as the favorite Asian destination for digital nomads. Internet is excellent, public transport more than efficient and the cost of living can reach $ 1,300 per month. It is not the cheapest, but it is worth a season in this beautiful city.

10. Mexico City

Already in America, we start with this beautiful and hectic city whose alternatives are endless. Its technological development has improved a lot, so in this aspect you will not have difficulties.

It is a place with an intense cultural agenda and a very attractive nightlife. One of its shortcomings is the security it offers residents and tourists. However, his cost of living is more than acceptable: $ 900 a month.

Mexico is positioned as one of the best options in America to live and work remotely.

11. Medellin

Although it is true that it acquired a bad reputation in terms of its security, the reality is that it has become a cosmopolitan city whose outlook is very promising for digital nomads. The warmth of its inhabitants, a festive atmosphere, the rich culture and dream landscapes attract more and more people. The cost of living per month is around $ 800.

Choose from the best places for digital nomads

All the proposals that we have presented have their pros and cons, since the perfect city does not exist. There may be sites that are more convenient than others.

In this context, according to a study carried out by The Economist, the best city to live is Auckland (New Zealand). The parameters analyzed are the country’s stability, security, and how its health, education, and infrastructure systems function.

Regardless of what the statistics indicate, choosing a city to live and work in is a very important choice in which various variables are analyzed. In the same way, it is a very personal decision, because what is valuable for you, will not be for another.

We invite you to virtually tour some of these cities, read forums, opinions and other information before choosing among the best places for digital nomads.

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