107 questions to get to know your partner better

Discover a different face of your relationship through the questions to get to know your partner. We promise that you will be able to spot a different aspect of her that you had not considered until now.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on September 28, 2021.

Last update: September 28, 2021

A healthy relationship is made up of several elements that work as a whole. Each is as important as the other, so you should not neglect them if you want to enjoy a long and pleasant relationship. Communication, in this sense, is one of the most interesting. That is why below we propose 107 questions to get to know your partner better.

According to studies and research on the matter, communication is one of the aspects that allow the satisfaction of the couple. Many relationships end up sinking because, despite the fact that their members spend time together, they never dedicate themselves to being interested in each other. With the help of the following questions to get to know your partner better, you can work on it and strengthen the bond with your partner.

Questions to get to know your partner better

Before showing you our selection of questions, you should bear in mind that the goal of these is for you to learn more about your partner's personality, interests, or opinions. They are not, therefore, questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend about the relationship. Although of course, some do touch on this topic.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the questions to get to know your partner better lose sense if you ask them like a police interrogation. You must leave space for the other to give the answers, ponder them and even correct them on the fly. In the same way, you can ask parallel questions according to the information it gives you. The important thing is that it is a natural activity.

Finally, the selection of questions that we have chosen are adapted to all types of couples. It doesn't matter if they are just starting the relationship or have been dating for a couple of years. Once this is clarified, let's see what questions you can use to discover a different piece of your partner that you have not known until now.

1. What is your strangest habit or habit?

We begin with a flourish the questions to get to know your partner better. We all have strange customs; so much so that we even try to hide them from others.

Whether you plan a relationship for the short, medium or long term, knowing the strangest habits or customs of your partner will make you connect better with her. No matter what they are, the important thing is that you are open to receive the answer without making fun or show repudiation. Remember that we are just warming up.

2. What are the things you generally like to procrastinate on?

Procrastination is a habit that, in one way or another, we all practice. However, the moment it gets out of hand, it can seriously compromise various aspects of our lives.

Knowing if your partner is a serial procrastinator is very important, so you can help to overcome this habit or at least prepare yourself when you have to deal with it.

3. What things do you consider absolutely unforgivable?

Infidelity? The lie? The resentment? Treachery? There are hundreds of things that people consider unforgivable, so Knowing them opens the door to discover which paths will disappoint to the person who accompanies you.

4. What would your perfect day be like?

Yes, it is one of the questions to get to know your partner better, the most clichés on our entire list. Although it is one that cannot be replaced if you really want to learn the likes, desires or things that satisfy your partner.

What's more, Knowing what those things are will allow you to recreate them in a day that you want to share with greater intimacy. What is a perfect day for you, may not be for her. With this you avoid inferring things and discover first-hand what it is that makes her happy.

5. What place have you always wanted to visit and why?

A question that turns in the same direction as the previous one. Knowing which places your partner wants to visit you can surprise him on a vacation or on a short trip.

It is not only important to know where that place is, but the reasons why you want to go. Sometimes there is an emotional reason away from landscapes, history, or architectural beauty.

6. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Please, when using this or other questions to get to know your highly emotionally charged partner better, avoid forcing a quick answer.

Ask for details of that memory, inquires why it is so important to her, knows who was in it and where it went and explores the gestural communication of satisfaction, emotion, joy, happiness or pleasure. The objective is not to complete our entire list, but to understand who is in front of you.

7. What do you think is your worst fear?

As we have already pointed out, avoid assimilating the answer with mockery, disbelief, or other attitudes that may make your partner uncomfortable. Rather, take a supportive stance and acknowledge how far you can go when investigating the reasons.

8. Which or which ingredients do you consider essential for a healthy relationship?

At last we have arrived in our questions to get to know your partner better to one that refers to the relationship itself. It is essential to know what things you consider important for a healthy relationship. It is also important that you discover if he puts them into practice.

As we pointed out at the beginning, communication is one of the pillars that sustains a relationship. He is not the only one, of course. Fidelity, respect, love, common tastes, among many others, are also part of a healthy union.

9. What is the biggest achievement you would like to achieve in the next few years?

There are couples who are not aware of their partner's dreams or ambitions, despite living with him or her for years. How could it be otherwise, this is a huge mistake.

If you are not aware of the achievements your partner wants to achieve, How will you align yourself with them to help them materialize? Remember that part of prosperity in a relationship consists of a life project in common.

10. Would you like to have children sometime?

Attention with this question. It's not one you can do on the first date. However, if it is important to you or you think it is relevant to your partner, sooner or later you will have to do it. Wait for the best moment you can formulate it.

Although many are suspicious when turning the conversation towards these boundaries, it is not possible for a relationship to prosper if there are discordant opinions about it. This avoids postponing a dream on one side or the other.

Being clear from the beginning whether or not you want to have children is essential.

11. Do you believe in marriage as an institution or do you think it is not for you?

Follow the same line as the previous one, so you must also be cautious when doing it. Although younger generations are frequently associated with a disdain for marriage as an institution, legal advantages continue to attract millions.

As with the previous question, you will be able to know if their opinions are in tune with yours. If you do believe in marriage, for example, and you want to get married sometime, it would be a good idea that who you have decided to establish a serious relationship with is also. Avoid rushing to conclusions.

12. How important do you think money is in life?

Money is as important in life as physical or mental health. Whoever tells you otherwise does not cope like an adult in day-to-day problems.

The question is in what position you occupy in the objectives of that person. And most importantly, if that position is very close or very far from the one you also give it.

13. What would you like to change about yourself?

Questions to get to know your partner better can be skipped entirely if your partner expands on this question alone. Some things we can change and others we cannot.

You have to identify which ones to do so, especially if they have a direct impact on the relationship. It all starts with recognizing them.

14. What is your opinion of long relationships?

A very important question, especially if in that person you find someone with whom you would like to establish a long relationship. There are those who are not comfortable with the idea of ​​such a relationship., so it is better to be clear about your cards to avoid false illusions.

15. What is your favorite smell?

Our favorite smell reminds us of a food we like, of a time and even a place. Knowing it will allow you to recreate it to make her happy, so don't underestimate the apparent simplicity of the question.

16. If you didn't dedicate yourself to your current job, what else would you like to do for a living?

If it is something different, you will be able to know how far it is from what your working life currently occupies. Part of the commitment to a relationship is seeing your partner happy, so Knowing the work that would help increase that happiness is very important.

17. What things do you think you are really good at?

We are all good at many things, although sometimes the one in which we are not so much can overshadow the rest. Recognizing them and speaking them out loud helps to consolidate them as a good part of ourselves. It's a very easy way to increase your partner's self-esteem and security.

18. What do you think of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is one of the attitudes that requires the greatest courage and wisdom in life, not to mention its leading role in relationships.

It manifests itself in many ways and prevents resentment from being created that, in one way or another, hinder the relationship. Knowing what he thinks about it is important to get to know your partner better, but also to elucidate what kind of attitude he can take in the future.

19. What is your position on fidelity?

For many, fidelity is the protagonist when establishing a relationship. Fidelity is not a concept that is only related to love betrayal, but it covers almost every aspect of sharing a life with someone.

If you both have a similar position on this, then you can move forward together over the obstacles that you will encounter along the way.

20. Would you like to have pets?

Pets are a third partner in a relationship. One that for many people can mark a turning point when deciding to continue or desist.

If your plans are long-term and you want or are planning to live together, then asking this question should be among your priorities.

21. What things have you learned from your previous relationships?

Very important. With these simple words you can enter and know how seriously you take your past relationships, what could he rescue from them and what things are he applying right now for the well-being of both. Even toxic relationships can be learned.

22. How important is sex to you in a relationship?

Sex is another of the protagonists in a healthy relationship. According to research published in Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy in 2005, sex can even substitute communication as an indicator of marital well-being.

Its importance is indisputable. The detail is in what role sex plays for that person when approaching a relationship. For example, its frequency, the way in which mutual satisfaction is achieved and the attitudes that can be developed in the face of periods of several weeks or months without intimacy.

23. Do you consider yourself a jealous person?

In its fair measure, jealousy can be a natural part of a relationship. They are often referred to in their more advanced or pathological states and not in their balanced manifestation.

When overdone, they can completely ruin a relationship.. It is convenient to know, then, the self-perception of this emotion that your partner has.

24. How do you rate the way you can control your emotions when you are angry?

Jealousy isn't the only emotion that works against you in a healthy relationship. Anger, anger, rage, envy, revenge and many others can compromise mental health and physics of its members. In addition to noticing it through their actions, it is also good to know how aware that person is of them.

25. What things on your wish list to fulfill are a priority for you right now?

Not to sound like a party pooper, don't be disappointed if the answer doesn't revolve around working the relationship, achieving dreams together, improving rapport, and more. The sense of this dynamic is in asking questions to get to know your partner, so inquire into what are those personal desires that you do not know.

26. What things do you think slowly poison a relationship?

We have already noted two of them; We have even backed them up with scientific studies. The absence of sex or communication are not the only ones, so it is important that you sincerely meditate on those elements that can be a stone in the way.

27. Do you consider yourself a patient person?

Patience is not a virtue that serves only to face life, but also relationships. Practicing it, even in the simplest or most basic things, is very important to avoid doing or saying things that slowly spoil a relationship.

28. Which of the things you do gives you the most happiness?

Again we turn the course of our phrases to better know your partner towards a completely personal prism. You may already know some of those things, but you will no doubt be completely ignorant of others.

If you really want to learn everything from your partner, the first thing you should start with is what makes him happy.

29. Do you think you are happy?

This is not an easy question to answer, so be sure to give yourself plenty of space and time before listening to the answer. Being happy does not only translate into well-being in one part of life (such as a relationship, for example); but in many. At work, relationships with family, friends and colleagues, financial well-being, success and others.

30. Do you value personality or physical appearance more?

Perhaps the answer is that both, although deep down, we all prioritize one option over the other. It is important that you understand that no alternative is morally superior.

31. What are your goals for our relationship?

Goals are something that should always be set together, otherwise they are just personal ambitions. Despite this, it is convenient to know which of the latter you want to achieve with the relationship. If you wish, you can divide your question into goals for the short, medium and long term.

32. Are you one of those who sees the glass half full or half empty?

Although it is a bit simplistic to catalog more than seven billion people around the world into just camps, deep down it is a good analogy to discover the attitude with which your partner will approach the most important problems in life.

33. What kinds of people can you never fit in with?

Asking this question is very important, as this way you will know how to react to situations that include these people. For example, introverts are often not very comfortable sharing with many extroverts. If you know this you can avoid recurring situations.

34. What habits of your routine would you really like to change?

For example, getting up too late, not finishing projects you start, or repeatedly putting off obligations until the next day. With these examples we want to show you that the meaning of the questions to get to know your partner better lies in discover small details, not just the big ones.

35. Do you consider yourself a person open to receiving constructive criticism?

They all say that they are open to receiving constructive criticism until the moment comes when they do one. This is why it is very important that you contrast the answers with what you have been able to see when sharing the last days, weeks, months or years with her. So you can build a more objective panorama.

36. What is the best advice you could give someone?

With this question you will know a bit of his philosophy of life, your values, and the way you deal with the most important decisions that come your way.

37. What things do you think make you feel vulnerable?

Like you should know what things make him happy, you should also inquire what makes it vulnerable. It is likely that you get more than one surprise; partly because people do not proclaim these kinds of questions aloud.

38. Do you have a phobia that you can't control?

A question that is in line with the previous one. Phobias are pathological fears, so cannot be voluntarily controlled by people. Remember that most phobias can be treated on the basis of psychotherapy.

39. What would you say are the things that give you the most pleasure in bed?

So far, in our phrases to get to know your partner better, we have not addressed many questions of a sexual nature. This is because, although sex is very important, it is not the only element that you should know or encourage with your partner.

Knowing in a timely manner the things that give your partner pleasure is better than just intuiting it through suspicion. Communication, in that sense, is a habit that should also be practiced in bed.

40. What is your most precious memory?

Frequently, people choose memories of childhood or adolescence. The past, especially when it is remote, is always full of nostalgia. Hopefully, you can emulate part of that memory and thus strengthen the bond with your partner by doing things that make her feel happy.

41. How do you value the relationship with your family?

It is not something that is exposed in an open way or something that everyone is aware of, but the relationship that your partner has with his family is also the one that you will have with her.

If your intention is to be together for the long term, then there will be many times when her involvement will be required. It is convenient to know then what you will face.

The families of both interfere in the relationship, for better or for worse.

42. Do you think you have an unresolved conflict with your past?

Another question to get to know your partner better that cannot be answered easily. In fact, it is convenient that you stop at it and with the tools you have, try to consider alternatives to solve them if they do exist.

Conflicts of this type generally develop an emotional sequel. This, in turn, manifests itself in different ways: So it is natural that it affects the relationship in one way or another. The support of a professional psychologist is very important in case of deep disputes.

43. Are you willing to seek professional help in case our relationship runs into a dead end?

Couples therapy is a door that, if possible, it should never be closed when trying to find a solution to a problem. It works for millions of people each year, so the willingness to try this option plays a plus in rescuing the relationship from failure.

44. What things do you think make our relationship what it is?

To complete the dynamic you can offer your own opinion and contrast it with your partner's answer. Be careful if there is no consensus on the matter. With this, a complement is achieved by valuing different things.

45. Are you a different person than you were 5 years ago? In what sense?

Since the answer will almost always be yes, it is convenient to know in what sense. The experiences we have year after year, along with the people we meet, make us different.

Ideally, we will be polishing the details, so that we can always move towards a better place. If your partner is open to embracing change of mind or attitude, welcome.

46. ​​What things could you say are the most challenging you have ever had to face in your life?

For each one you could dedicate hours when investigating, so that take your time and do not rush to continue with the questions to get to know your partner better. You better learn a detail completely; the one that shows you one of its deepest faces.

47. What do you think is the opinion that others have of you?

We are not what others think of us, although we should not stop listening to what they have to say. Balance will always be found when there is a harmony between who you are and what others think of you.

Asking this question will allow you to inquire about your partner's self-perception and the way in which he thinks others assimilate what he says or does.

48. What things make you feel better when you have a bad day?

So you can remember them and use them to your advantage when the time comes. It is often the simplest things that make us smile after an unpleasant day. A hug, a cup of chocolate or just to be heard talking.

49. Have you ever been unfaithful? Why?

We have already talked about fidelity in previous questions to get to know your partner better, so we could not stop addressing the issue of infidelity as well. It can be a bit of a direct question, so you must find a way to formulate it without your attitude being accusatory.

50. What person could you say is your role model right now?

Based on this question you can elucidate what traits would your partner like to assimilate into his personality or in your life. These, inevitably, have a direct impact on the way the relationship is built.

51. How long has your longest relationship lasted?

If your partner has only had short relationships do not take it as a symptom that he is not prepared or does not know how to direct a long one. Avoid, in this sense, interpreting your response as a manifestation that you are not interested in committing to a long-term relationship. This, of course, in case you are looking for a relationship of this type.

52. What things are you not willing to give in in a relationship?

Another question that you must know to assimilate the limits, sacrifices or attitudes that your partner will develop in the moments they spend together. As we have suggested in other questions to get to know your partner better, do not be shy when presenting your opinion about it.

53. What is your opinion of religion?

Although for many people religion is not any type of limitation in a relationship, for others it is a central point. Know in advance the opinion that this has on the matter avoid running into disappointments or insurmountable obstacles.

54. What things would you like to spend more time on than you do now?

We all have things that we spend less time on than we would like. Whether due to lack of time, overwork or poor organization of the day, sometimes we even end up abandoning them completely. Know what they are it will allow you to recover them and create the moments so that both of you can enjoy of that activity.

55. How superstitious do you think you are?

It may not be as important a question as others, but it is certainly one that will help you get to know a different part of your partner. Like others on our list, the question makes sense when the reasons behind the answer are investigated.

56. What things make you really nervous?

These may include situations that you can avoid. So you achieve that save your partner from having uncomfortable moments. The objective of our questions to get to know your partner better is to gather lessons and use them for the benefit of your relationship or for the benefit of your partner.

57. If you could travel in time, would you change a decision from your past?

Question that maybe It will be related to that of your partner's possible open conflicts. Life is full of decisions and it is normal that not all the ones we make are correct. If we could push a button, many of us would go for a different outcome.

58. Are you comfortable with your nudity?

Yes, it is an unexpected question when compared to the others, but it is one that provides you with more information than you think. Insecurities, complexes or level of self-esteem, for example.

It is better to work on it with someone you appreciate than alone, so that you value what grain of sand you can contribute in the process.

59. Do you have any sexual fantasy that I don't know about?

Sexual fantasies are also one of those things that we usually keep secret. It is normal, therefore, that your partner has not yet decided to be open about it with you. This dynamic will help you discover all the things that cause you pleasure, even those that are far from the conventional.

60. What is your opinion about open relationships?

Open relationships are one of the many possible manifestations of a couple relationship. As long as you both agree and know how to deal with emotions, may be the answer to the alternative of a conventional union. It is not an open relationship if only one practices it.

61. Which part of your body do you like the most?

It is a question related to nudity, although it doesn't have to revolve around sexuality. If you wish, you can also ask which part of her body she finds most attractive.

62. What words do you think best describe you? Name at least three

Based on these three you can discover the self-perception it has about it. To complement it, think of three words that would describe your partner and try to contrast them to try to reach conclusions.

63. Do you consider yourself an orderly person?

Order is a priority for many, while for others it is just a secondary element. There are those who find an attractive person in the order, although of course it is something that you can work on from lacking it.

64. What thing or person has had a decisive influence on who you are right now?

Not a role model, as we have already investigated in other questions to get to know your partner better, but those people or things that recently have completely changed the way they think, act or live.

65. Where would you like to live?

Again we throw the ball into the field of dreams and illusions; one we always like to talk about. It may be related to the goals we've already talked about, so they can always make it a goal to meet for years to come.

66. What do you think are essential for you now? Name at least three

It is important that the answers revolve around the present, since we are constantly modifying the things that excite us or consider important.

67. Do you think you act like an adult?

Sin dudas, no es una pregunta convencional, pero en ello radica el sentido de hacer este tipo de dinámicas. Ser adulto no es cumplir determinada edad ni tampoco tener un trabajo o ser independiente.

Quizá, lo que hace que una relación prospere es una actitud adulta, así que por supuesto es algo en lo que debes meditar si tienes aspiraciones a largo plazo.

68. ¿Qué opinas de la amistad?

Hay quienes piensan que una relación de pareja no es más que un forma diferente de amistad. Es por esto que las parejas deben actuar ante todo como amigos. Aun así, muchos omiten por completo este pequeño detalle.

El cuán importante considere la amistad tu compañero te dará una idea de qué tan buen amigo estará dispuesto a ser al compartir contigo.

69. ¿Te consideras una persona impulsiva?

Por lo general, las personas impulsivas lo son en diferentes aspectos de su vida. Hay quienes sienten impulsos por comer, comprar o satisfacer diversos deseos. El impulso se relaciona con el no poder controlar las emociones.

Conviene saber, así, qué opinión tiene tu pareja sobre sus posibles actitudes impulsivas. Asegúrate de contrastar sus respuestas con la realidad.

70.  ¿Cuál es tu prototipo ideal de pareja?

Lo ideal no siempre se corresponde con lo real. Ten en cuenta esta reflexión para anticiparte a la posible respuesta.

71. ¿Cuál es tu serie, programa o película favorita?

Otra de las preguntas para conocer mejor a tu pareja que recorre lindes conocidos, pero que de igual forma no puedes dejar de hacer.

Si ya conoces la respuesta, entonces pregunta sobre las series, los programas o las películas que recientemente ha encontrado interesantes. Puedes usar el interrogante como antesala para iniciar una conversación.

72. ¿Sigues algún pódcast o contenido similar?

Como es natural, no podemos conocer al 100 % a nuestra pareja. Incluso los matrimonios más longevos descubren en el otro cosas que no sabían que les agradaban luego de un par décadas. Es posible que tu pareja disfrute de contenido interesante que desconocías por completo.

73. ¿Eres de los que le gusta ir al cine o prefieres ver películas en casa?

También puedes preguntar si es de los que disfruta de verlas solo o en compañía. No tiene nada de malo que tu pareja disfrute de algunas cosas en solitario. Después de todo, debemos dar espacio y evitar atosigar a nuestro compañero para que siempre comparta con nosotros.

74. ¿Tienes algún placer culpable?

Disfrutar de un delicioso postre es quizá el placer culpable más común. Puede que haya muchos otros que desconoces. Asegúrate de averiguarlos. Quizá también compartas algunos con él o ella.

75. ¿Con qué frecuencia crees que deberíamos tener sexo?

Ya hemos abordado este tema con algunas preguntas para hacer a tu novio o novia; solo que esta vez lo haremos de manera directa. Saberlo es muy importante para estar al tanto del nivel de satisfacción de placer que tiene la persona con quien has decidido compartir tu presente.

76. ¿Qué cosa puede ponerte triste de manera instantánea?

El interrogante es la contracara de otro que hemos apuntado sobre la felicidad. Conviene saber todos los prismas de tu pareja, así que esta es una de las preguntas que de ninguna manera puedes dejar por fuera.

77. ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?

Regresamos al cliché, aunque no con poca razón. Dado que no somos la misma persona que hace un año, es probable que nuestros gustos musicales varíen.

Puedes intentar con una dinámica. Di en voz alta la canción o canciones favoritas de tu pareja y deja que él sea el juez del conocimiento que tienes al respecto.

78. ¿Dime cómo sería tu cumpleaños perfecto?

Por supuesto que esta pregunta tiene un doble sentido. No solo conoces lo que le gustaría hacer, sino también puedes usar esta información para replicar su ideal cuando sea el momento.

Un gran cumpleaños se puede recordar por años y dar pie a emular la celebración en el futuro.

79. ¿Cuál es la aplicación móvil que más sueles utilizar?

Puede que parezca una pregunta banal, pero lo cierto es que es una manera diferente de indagar en los pasatiempos, gustos o hábitos de tu pareja.

80. ¿En este momento, cuál dirías que es tu posesión más preciada?

Por posesión nos referimos a algo físico; algo que seguro se ha alcanzado sobre la base del esfuerzo o la dedicación. ¿Podrías decir qué es y anticiparte a su respuesta?

81. ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de tu actual trabajo? ¿Qué cosa es lo que detestas más?

Al igual que hay cosas que apreciamos de nuestro trabajo, por supuesto que también encontramos algunas que no nos agradan tanto. Es un interrogante que puedes usar para conocer más a tu pareja, en especial si consideras que el trabajo es una de las cosas que demanda más tiempo en su día.

83. ¿Cuál es el peor trabajo que has tenido que hacer?

Esta vez apelarás por la anécdota, de manera que utilizarás tus habilidades comunicativas para hacer que tu compañero hable largo y tendido al respecto. Después de todo, uno de los objetivos de esta dinámica es priorizar la comunicación. A veces, este tipo de charlas puede extenderse por horas y derivar en muchos temas relacionados.

84. ¿Cuál es el mejor regalo que te han dado?

No te sientas agobiado si se trata de algo que no puedes superar. No haces preguntas para conocer mejor a tu pareja para establecer una competencia. Lo importante es saber cómo lo hizo sentir, qué tan feliz fue y si es algo que recuerda con emoción.

85. ¿Por qué cosa te gustaría que te recordasen al morir?

No es una pregunta fácil de responder, en especial cuando se es muy joven. Es diferente a las demás y da lugar a elucubraciones.

86. ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de tus padres?

Incluso si la relación entre ellos no es buena, de seguro habrá un par de cosas que se puedan rescatar.

87. ¿Te consideras una persona muy espontánea o te gusta planificar metódicamente tus movimientos?

Ninguna de las opciones es mejor que la otra. Aunque la mayoría bebe de las dos alternativas, lo cierto es que siempre priorizamos una al momento de tomar cartas sobre el asunto.

88. ¿Cuál crees que ha sido la edad que más has disfrutado?

Y, lo más importante, por qué razón. Las respuestas cortas se deben evitar en esta actividad. De lo contrario, se convertiría en un interrogatorio vacío.

89. ¿Puedes hacer una biografía introductoria tuya en menos de 25 palabras?

Lo de las palabras es solo una referencia. Lo importante es que sea corta y directa. Con ello descubres qué cosas importantes rescata de su vida y cree que son importantes para compartir con los demás.

90. ¿Dirías que te pareces más a tu padre o a tu madre?

Por supuesto que puedes dar tu opinión si has tenido la oportunidad de compartir con ambos. Como ya te lo hemos recordado, la familia de tu pareja será una de las tantas piezas importantes en tu relación.

91. ¿Qué cosa crees que define el éxito en la vida?

¿Los bienes materiales? ¿El dinero? ¿El bienestar espiritual? Todo depende de la filosofía que sirve como hoja de ruta en la vida. Por supuesto, comparte también tu opinión sobre lo que consideras acerca del éxito.

92. ¿Te consideras una persona adicta al trabajo?

Si la respuesta es sí, no te sorprendas que su agenda priorice el trabajo por sobre todas las cosas. No tiene nada de malo en trabajar de más, siempre y cuando lo hagamos como algo temporal.

Cuando queremos alcanzar algo importante es normal que nos esforcemos en nuestro trabajo, así que debes ser comprensivo en esos momentos. Si se trata de una verdadera adicción, quizá sea oportuno hablar al respecto.

93. ¿Cuál es tu opinión sobre la mentira?

Mentir en su justa medida puede ser necesario en la vida adulta. Cuando se convierte en un hábito para evadir responsabilidades es una ponzoña que poco a poco envenena la relación.

94. ¿Cómo te sientes al compartir con un grupo grande de personas?

De acuerdo con la respuesta podrás evitar o planificar actividades que sabes que harán sentir cómodo a tu compañero.

95. ¿Cuál dirías que es para ti el valor más importante de todos?

¿La honestidad? ¿El respecto? ¿La gratitud? ¿La paciencia?

96. ¿Tienes algún consejo, lema o frase que uses como filosofía de vida?

Incluso ambos pueden usarlo para encaminar a la relación. Si no procede, no sería una mala idea que tratasen de encontrar uno.

97. ¿Qué cosas dirías que tienes en cuenta al momento de confiar en alguien?

La confianza es otro de los pilares al momento de intentar establecer una relación longeva. Ganarse la confianza de alguien puede ser difícil, así que puedes preguntar de manera directa qué puedes hacer para lograrlo.

98. ¿Crees en las segundas oportunidades?

De todo tipo, no solo en una relación.

99. ¿Cómo te imaginas la vida una vez te hayas jubilado?

De nuevo apelamos por las hipótesis y a las ilusiones con respecto hacia el futuro. Quizá falte mucho, quizá no; pero es algo en lo que conviene meditar de vez en cuando. En especial, si el plan es llegar hasta entonces juntos.

100. ¿Qué cosas dirías que te causan más ansiedad?

Es un interrogante similar a otros que ya hemos expuesto, aunque recuerda que el miedo, la tristeza y la ansiedad son conceptos que cuentan con varias diferencias.

101. ¿Qué cosas te arrepientes de no haber hecho los últimos años?

También procede preguntar acerca de las cosas que más lo enorgullecen. Al hacer este tipo de interrogantes, siempre es bueno encontrar el contraste.

102. ¿Crees que los sueños se hacen realidad?

Si la respuesta es sí, ¿qué tan cerca está de cumplir sus propios sueños?

103. ¿Qué es lo primero que haces por la mañana? ¿Y lo segundo?

Otra de las preguntas para conocer mejor a tu pareja que te permiten adentrarte en los hábitos menos conocidos.

La rutina al despertar es importante y dice mucho de la personalidad de alguien.

104. ¿Cuál es tu bebida favorita?

Incluso si crees que la sabes, no dudes en hacerla. Puede que te lleves una sorpresa con la respuesta.

105. ¿Con qué personaje de ficción te identificas más?

Puede ser de una película, una serie, una historieta o un videojuego. A lo mejor te sorprendas al descubrir que una parte de la personalidad de tu compañero proviene de allí.

106. ¿Tienes alguna opinión controvertida?

Cuál es y por qué la considera de esta manera.

107. ¿Cómo valoras tu actitud al momento de discutir? (con sinceridad)

Así como hemos abierto con broche de oro nuestras preguntas para conocer mejor a tu pareja, también hemos decidido cerrarlo con el mismo nivel. Sin importar qué saludable sea la relación, tarde o temprano la discrepancia llegará. Saber con anticipación la posible actitud de tu pareja puede jugar a tu favor.

No es necesario que hagas todos los interrogantes en un solo momento. Siempre puedes completar la lista por partes. Más allá de terminarla, lo importante es que puedas acercarte más a tu pareja, descubrir un lado que no conocías y lograr una compenetración emocional.