102-year-old woman defeats COVID-19 in record time

He COVID-19 It has been a situation that has affected people around the world without distinction of race, religion, economic status, or any other factor. We have all suffered the consequences of the pandemic, either by suffering the contagion, by having to remain confined, by having lost our jobs and many other complex situations.

However, due to the way this virus works, people over 60 with pre-existing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, lung conditions and others; they are considered a population at risk.

Although, fortunately, many people have managed to beat this disease; even, against all odds. This is the case of a 102-year-old woman in Querétaro, Mexico; country that has been greatly affected by this global pandemic.

A happy case despite the circumstances

Through the local media of the State of Querétaro in Mexico, the case of an elderly woman, 102 years, which has become the case of the longest-lived patient with COVID-19 who has been able to overcome the virus in this entity. The news was greeted with joy.

According to the information that has been released by the competent authorities in the health area, the patient was admitted to a medical center because she had symptoms of COVID-19 and the contagion was confirmed on August 4. For his advanced age, the prognosis was not promising. However, to the surprise of many, in just 5 days the patient would have recovered from the virus and was completely healthy.

From the health department of Querétaro, it was also announced that the symptoms that the patient presented were mild and that thanks to this managed to overcome the virus successfully; which shows that this disease has a different effect on each person. This makes it highly dangerous, since there is a risk that people who do not believe they are infected may infect others.

In Mexico, COVID-19 has had a high incidence. There have been more than 500 thousand infections with more than 60 thousand deaths. A very serious situation at the national level, which allows us to evaluate news like this even more.


Few are the certainties regarding COVID-19, despite the passing of the months. It is not clear what factors influence the virus to act differently in each person. Likewise, although they are actively working to find a definitive vaccine, there is still no conclusive answer that will give the general population peace of mind.

The best alternative we have so far is safeguard health using the measures known to all: hand hygiene, the use of a mask, avoiding contact, among others. Likewise, many specialists have pointed out and sustained the importance of having an adequate diet for strengthen the immune system; which could represent an advantage in case of contagion.

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