100% natural tricks (and backed by science) that help activate your immune system

The best tool that you have at your fingertips at this time to avoid falling ill is prevention. Follow the 3M rule strictly (mask, hand washing, distance meters) to avoid the coronavirus and use these expert keys to fully activate your defenses. With a proper diet and following habits that strengthen your immune system, you can start the new year on the right foot.

Tricks to activate the immune system: eat foods with the brightest colors

Okay, superfoods don't exist, but research does show that there are some ingredients in our fridge that are more fond of defenses than others. Specifically those that have bright colors by nature. Fruits and vegetables with orange, yellow or red skins have these so powerful colors thanks to its high content of a type of antioxidant that favors the fight against viruses. Consume them daily.


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Tricks to activate the immune system: check the amount of zinc you eat

People who show low levels of zinc on their blood tests are more prone to infections. Zinc is an essential mineral for the immune system is coordinated and works properly. If you do not want to belong to the group of those who do not have enough, include whole grains, beans, nuts and shellfish in your regular diet.

Tricks to activate the immune system: do not consume alcohol

No amount of alcohol is safe, that's something you should be clear about. But, in addition, a fact that you should also take into account is that while the liver metabolizes the alcohol you eat the number of white blood cells that defend your body plummets for at least five hours. Keep that in mind.


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Tricks to activate the immune system: keep your stress level to a minimum

Stress in women has been shown to affect the gut microbiota, affecting the delicate balance of the strains of bacteria that inhabit it, and this is reflected in a weaker immune system. In fact, several studies have shown that being stressed is just as bad for the microbiota as eating junk food. The intestinal flora plays a key role in our ability to defend ourselves from aggressions since it is in charge of detecting threats and modulating the response of the immune system against them. If the gut microbiota fails, all else fails.

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