10 tricks with which you will reduce more than 300 calories a day and you will not find out

With the arrival of summer we get the madness for wanting to lose those kilos. The miracle diets (which are dangerous due to their rebound effect) become even more popular, we go crazy training, and we pretend to amend all the mistakes we have made in the year in a few weeks, and we are sorry, but the body does not It works like this.

What will help you lose weight and achieve the body you want is to change the chip and learn to fill your fridge with foods that nourish you and not only fill you. And here is the biggest secret to lose weight: choose healthy, organic foods that nourish you and that do not leave you hungry. If you start to make the purchase with a list of foods and not cravings you are on the right track.

Achieve a balanced diet It is not as difficult as it may seem, it is not complicated rituals or expensive treatments, it is much easier than that and we summarize it below.

1. Always choose a small plateWhen your brain receives the signal that the plate is full, regardless of its size, most tend to leave it empty. If you use a smaller one your subconscious will think that there is the same food and you will be filled with less quantity. Do the test.

2. Say goodbye to the bread and welcome are the crudités: the bread is made of pure processed flours that have nothing good, so to 'push' your food forget the empty calories that bread has and replace it with carrots or celery cut into strips.

3. The fruit, better if it is whole: it is best to take it in pieces and not in juices because when we squeeze them, many of their properties and vitamins present in the skin are lost.

Four. Cinnamon and vanilla to sweeten: forget sugar and sweeteners. It is best to use cinnamon and vanilla. They do not fatten and add a very attractive touch to food.

5. The broccoli and zucchini, the best substitutes for conventional pasta: These vegetables are an alternative to pasta (you change it for zucchini) and rice (you change it for broccoli).


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6. Everything is a matter of proportions: On your plate there should be 50% vegetables, 30% protein and 20% carbohydrates.

7. Baby a glass of water Before meals

8 Dinner as soon as you can. The sooner you eat, the more time you will have to burn the calories you consume.

9 Sleep well. Rest is elementary to avoid cravings.

10 Eat with awareness: do not eat to eat, or anxiety, sadness or joy. Eat and be aware of the times you chew and the food you eat that will help you to be satisfied and not be hungry. Avoid eating in front of the computer and television.