10 tips to eliminate bad smell from the bathroom

Bad bathroom odor can be caused by poor ventilation, a clogged siphon, or stagnant water. How to remove it? Here are some tips.

Last update: August 18, 2021

Stink in the bathroom? If you do not know how to eliminate the smell, this situation can undermine your image before visitors. Hardly anyone is willing to go into a bad smelling bathroom. Consequently, your home may be less popular for hosting dinners or gatherings.

Fortunately, it is a more common problem than you think and whose solutions are varied. Anyway, It is necessary to establish the causes of the bad smell and to deepen the cleaning task a little. Here are 10 recommendations.

What are the causes of bad smell in the bathroom?

A bad distribution of the bathroom pipes or that it does not have good ventilation are causes that demand a more invasive intervention of the place. However, there are other origins that you can deal with without the help of an expert. For that, you must detect the reason for the stench.

1. Pores, fissures or openings

Cracks in the bathroom structure can be the source of annoying odors. So you need to do an on-site inspection. In general, it is a damaged crevice or opening that is too close to the general sewer network.

2. Clogged or damaged siphons

Siphons are mechanisms that, under optimal conditions, retain water inside to prevent the formation of bad odors. Thus, if you have problems with the water supply in your house, the air circulates freely through the siphon. And it is very likely that the stench is coming from the joints, pores and drains connected to the mechanism.

3. Poor or poor ventilation

When air is not circulating in the bathroom, unpleasant odors are inevitable. If in your case this happens because this space does not have windows, go to the ventilation system and make sure it is not obstructed. It is common to find dust, among other agents, that limit the passage of air through the grill.

4. Poor pipe sealing

There is a chance that the pipe connections have not been sealed correctly or with the right material, what triggers the leakage of gases from the sanitation network.

5. You have a long time without replacing the pipe

Even if the old pipes are not failing in their main function, they may be the cause of the bad smell in your bathroom. This is because the accumulation of waste creates a perfect environment for bacteria and yeasts.

6. Pipes in which water stagnates

Sometimes, the source of the bad smell is stagnant water in one of the parts of the pipe. These unpleasant odors are often caused by bacteria and mold that form where the water does not flow as it should.

10 tips to eliminate bad smell from the bathroom

You already know what some of the causes of the stench are, you just have to get down to work to eradicate it completely. Here are 10 helpful tips to make this task easier.

1. Clean the bin with baking soda

Baking soda is very popular for its versatility. It not only serves to soften grease, but to put an end to bad smells in the bathroom.

  • To this end, Form a smooth paste of baking soda and water to clean the bin. Then, rinse the mixture off with water and vinegar.
  • Wait for the bin to dry and sprinkle some baking soda on it before putting the trash bag in. In this way, the baking soda will absorb the stenches, and reduce the risk of them spreading through the bathroom.
  • Just make sure to renew it every 15 days at least, this way the deodorant action will be more effective.
Baking soda is ideal for deodorizing surfaces such as the bathroom wastebasket.

2. Neutralize bad odors from the pipe with baking soda

If the disturbing odor is coming from the siphon, a combination of baking soda with vinegar and warm water can work. Or if you prefer, you can substitute the vinegar for a few drops of an essential oil with a strong and pleasant smell. At that point, shake the mixture up and pour it down your sink, shower, and tub drains. Baking soda neutralizes bad odors, while vinegar disinfects the area.

3. Pour some detergent into the toilet water tank

Although it is true that there are a wide variety of toilet pills, one option to eliminate odors is to pour some laundry detergent into the toilet water tank. It is common for it to settle to the bottom, so when you pull the chain, some of its perfume will be released.

4. Use vinegar to clean surfaces, drains and more

Vinegar is perfect for killing bacteria, yeast, and mold. Depending on the place, you can use it in different ways. Some are as follows:

  • Affected surfaces. In this case, mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Then spray the surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Drains. To kill harmful microorganisms that are concentrated in your pipes, pour a cup full of vinegar down the drain and allow it to work.
  • Air freshener. If you want to perfume the bathroom, mix two cups of water, a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle.

5. Cut bad odors with the help of lemon

Known for its fragrant citrus scent, lemon is not only good for flavoring desserts; this fruit can neutralize unpleasant odors, as long as the bathroom is clean. You just have to cut several slices of the citrus, and place them in a strategic place. There are those who cut the lemon in half.

6. Light matches or scented candles

Striking a match when flushing is very useful, since the smell of burning is usually stronger than that of the bathroom. However, you should consider that this solution does not keep for long, which is why the smell will return. In that case, scented candles are more recommended, whose perfume can last longer.

7. Repair faulty pipes and joints

If after your inspection you have noticed that there are cracks or leaks in the siphon, try to replace gaskets, or putty and plumbing tape. Pay particular attention to the toilet surround and the spigot of the toilet. In case of finding faults, take the necessary corrective measures. Keep in mind that as there is air from the aqueducts circulating freely, the stench will remain in the place.

8. Ventilate the bathroom every day

To keep odors at bay, you should air your bathroom for at least 10 minutes each day. If it has windows, along with the door, you can take advantage of cross ventilation.

However, if ventilation is provided by a system, you should make sure to clean it and remove any obstruction that prevents air circulation.

Finally, if you don't have any of these options, consider going to an expert to tell you what might be the best way to ventilate the bathroom.

Proper bathroom ventilation helps prevent bad odors from building up in the space. Make sure to do it every day.

9. Make sure to dry the towels very well

Towels often give off a musty smell that spreads throughout the bathroom, and is considered unpleasant. For this reason, dries the towels very well and don't forget to replace them every so often.

10. Create your own air freshener

They are very effective, inexpensive, and easy to do. With them you can ensure a permanent supply to scent your home. To get started with this trick, take a spray bottle and put water inside it with about 10 drops of an essential oil of orange or the aroma of your choice. Shake the bottle and spray on the spot whenever you want.

Yes, it is possible to remove bad smell from the bathroom

The first step in removing a bad smell from the bathroom is to identify the source of the smell. Once you have done it, proceed with the most appropriate solution. You can also take steps that become habits, such as cleaning with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon., and daily ventilation.