10 tips for wearing flared pants

Whether with a blazer or a top, flared pants are perfect to wear at any time of the year. Learn these tips for use.

Last update: November 27, 2021

Conceived in the 70s, flared pants have gained popularity in the last season. And it is that they not only lengthen the silhouette, but they can work with a wide variety of garments and accessories.

Adapting this trend is not as complicated as it seems, thanks to the fact that flared jeans can be worn on a day-to-day basis. However, there are certain rules for footwear and accessories that it is important to follow.

Tips for wearing flared pants

If there is something in the fashion industry, it is that it is cyclical, that is to say, that the old designs reappear. This is the case of flared pants, a type of garment that fits on the leg to the knee and then its boot opens.

Let’s see some tips to wear them properly. Do not miss them!

1. Manage proportions

Flared pants have a higher proportion in the boot. For this reason, it is important to mark the waist, so that the silhouette does not lose its shape. So it is more convenient to wear upper garments close to the body.

It is important to recognize the proportions of this garment, so that we do not make mistakes when dressing them.

2. Be simple

There is a phrase that sums it all up: less is more. In this sense, some jeans flared are perfect to give a simple look but chic. For example, white sneakers and a T-shirt can be two wild cards to create a simple outfit.

3. Prioritize the cut

This is one of the problems when choosing flared pants. However, the key is in carry them neither dragging on the ground nor very short; just flush with the floor. Even so, if the length is longer, you can use heels to style the pants.

4. Add a blazer

Tailoring is a trend that continues. What’s more, instantly adds elegance. So a blazer with a turtleneck on the inside is one of the combinations that can win the most attention.

5. Bet on colors

In the world of fashion, everything is valid. Therefore, it is worth choosing flared trousers and to form looks single color or color block. To get it right, use the color wheel as a guide.

6. Add denim plus denim

The total denim is a great combination that is composed wearing both the upper and lower garment in this material. The key not to fail is to wear both in a similar color; otherwise, the look it will tend to look unaesthetic.

7. Go for a top

The croptop have become one of the favorite garments to enhance the style of a look. And what better way to give it a touch sexy to a flared trousers than with a top. Accompany this combination with a blazer opened.

8. Favor the silhouette

If you are a short person, certain models of jeans flared are usually very flattering. For instance, look for a high-waisted, open-sided design gives a feeling of having longer legs.

9. Accompany with a shirt

Whether floral print or sleeveless, these types of garments are perfect to give a fashionable touch to the image. The important is wear them inside the pants so that the waist is marked.

10. Make an ode to 70

While flared pants were born in the 60s, it was not until the 70s that they became popular. In this sense, you can create a look reminiscent of this era through knitted vests, hats and T-shirts with tie dye.

What shoes not to wear with flared pants?

Although flared pants work with many garments, shoes play an important role when it comes to styling the silhouette and give a modern and fashionable touch.


This type of shoes can give an unwanted effect on the look. Although tennis goes almost with everything, you have to know how to choose the models that are more street style than sports.


The flats They are not shoes to wear with flared pants, because they can subtract elegance and give a very stately appearance to the person. Indeed, the shoes for this type of pants are those that gain in height, as the mules or medium-heeled loafers.


In the most aesthetic sense, it is useless to wear high boots that will not be noticed, since the pants will cover all the footwear. Also, when walking, the boots can be marked a bit, so it is better not to opt for them.

High boots are not suitable for bell bottoms. They would not be perceived in the look.

Flared pants for day to day

Finally, although the skinny and mom jeans are still in fashion, the big brands herald the return of flared trousers as the favorites of all those who are immersed in the world of design.

It’s supposed to. These garments are comfortable and can be worn both day and night, as well as in various textiles. Now that you know everything, it’s time to show off your silhouette with a pair of flared pants.

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