10 tips for masturbation as a couple

One of the most frequent complaints among couples is that their sexual interactions have become routine and unsatisfactory due, in general, to stress and daily obligations. When it comes to innovating and improving the quality of intimate exchanges, everything is valid. However, there is a resource as relevant as it is forgotten: masturbation as a couple.

There are still many myths and taboos surrounding masturbation. Some even feel hurt, upset, or rejected if their partner resorts to solo masturbation. However, it is a totally healthy and natural practice that can benefit you in a number of ways.

Benefits of masturbation as a couple

Masturbation as a couple is a way to bond.

Increase trust and intimacy

Masturbation as a couple allows you to discover the other and allow yourself to be discovered, even to connect on a deeper level. It is a practice in which you are usually more present, more aware of the sensations. And although it can make some people feel vulnerable, the degree of intimacy and trust that is achieved is much greater.

Promotes communication and knowledge of the other

Many of the sexual difficulties of a couple are caused by a lack of assertive communication. Being able to convey to the other what you want and like is essential; as well as being willing to listen and learn. Masturbation as a couple offers you the perfect opportunity to observe, guide and be guided when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure.

Increase satisfaction

At times, you may think that intercourse and penetration are essential and mandatory. It is common to believe that they are the target and that everything else does not matter. But actually, it is necessary to generate a sufficient degree of desire and excitement for sexual intercourse to be satisfactory. And for this, masturbation as a couple is an excellent tool.

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10 tips for a pleasant couple masturbation

Leave taboos and myths aside: masturbation in pairs is a way of giving and receiving pleasure.

Eliminate taboos

It is important that you review your beliefs regarding masturbation and modify those that are limiting. Likewise, if you feel shame, shame or lack of acceptance for your body, it will be necessary to work on it previously; otherwise, the experience may be more uncomfortable than rewarding.

Decide when to raise it

Depending on your own personality and that of your partner, the ideal time to consider trying masturbation as a couple will be different. The most spontaneous will be able to introduce the proposal in any meeting in a natural way. However, If you are more traditional, it is preferable that you speak it in a neutral environment, outside the sexual relationship.

Create a suitable environment

Desire is nourished by stimulations of all kinds, and a conducive and suggestive environment can make the experience much more pleasant. So, find a comfortable, intimate and quiet place, and spend some time preparing it. Lower the light, light some candles, play background music or use aromatherapy are some options.

No rules

Remember that this moment is only for you and your partner, and must be adapted to your preferences. You can take off your clothes or keep them on, caress each other or facing each other, use sex toys or not. There are no rules, you choose at all times.

Try and learn

Leave your taboos and fears aside, experience and live the experience of masturbation as a couple.

One of the biggest advantages of this practice is that it allows you to get to know your partner better and, also, make yourself known. Allow yourself to try and explore new sensations, keep an eye on the other's reactions and your own and you will mutually discover your tastes and preferences.


Regarding the above, it is also essential that both of you are able to communicate assertively. The other is not able to read your mind, so you must convey your opinions and suggestions. Likewise, you have to know how to listen and let yourself be guided without feeling attacked or rejected.

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Think less, feel more

It is essential that during this period of time you are able to "disconnect your mind" and connect with your body. Fears, prejudices, and worries can ruin the moment and prevent you from enjoying yourself. So focus on your breath, on the sensations that come and let yourself go.

Don't be in a hurry

For masturbation as a couple to be pleasant, it is important to approach it as an end in itself. Don't try to seek and achieve orgasm at all costs, go easy and delight in the process.

Don't look for perfection

If this is the first time you have tried this experience with your partner, it is very likely that the result is far from perfect. But this is not necessary and should not discourage you. Over time, each other's knowledge and mutual trust will increase, and the results will be more positive.

Repeat and innovate

Lastly, try to introduce partner masturbation as a frequent element in your sex life. It is useless to try one day and abandon forever. Make it part of the routine, innovate in environments, postures or means of stimulation.

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