10 tips for home maintenance that will help avoid inconveniences

When a fault arises in the house, we usually hire an expert in electricity, plumbing or locksmithing to help us solve the problem. Nevertheless, proper home maintenance avoids complex inconveniences that require the presence of technicians.

This home maintenance consists of carrying out strategic activities aimed at preserving the elements of the house (electrical appliances, ventilation systems and even the infrastructure). These activities are carried out with a frequency that can be daily, weekly or semi-annual.

Likewise, they are simple tasks that do not require technical knowledge not a lot of time and money. Would you like to discover more information? Keep reading.

Why is it important to be attentive to home maintenance?

Although dedicating time to house maintenance can be a difficult task, it is necessary to give it the attention and importance it deserves, since its realization entails the following:

  • Helps to avoid repair costs, through solving small problems.
  • Provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for the family.
  • Extend shelf life of the internal and external elements of the house.

The internal maintenance of the house includes the walls, floors, furniture, appliances, electrical installations and plumbing. On the other hand, external maintenance covers the roof, walls and landscaping.

Home maintenance activities

There are various tasks for home maintenance that include cleaning and inspecting the elements of the home. Following We present you 10 activities that you cannot ignore to preserve your home.

Maintenance tasks are not complex activities, quite the opposite.

1. Make an annual budget

Home maintenance starts with good organization. Therefore, it is necessary that your annual budget includes money destined for the routine activities of the house and the possible repairs that may arise.

In the event that your home is new, the funds can be used in the future to pay for the high expenses that your home deserves, such as replacing the heating or air conditioning unit.

Have a monetary fund for home maintenance allows to solve problems that may arise in time, without having to wait for the situation to get worse.

2. Keep the roof clean

According to a study by the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, cleaning and sweeping the roof prevents puddles and leaks caused by accumulation of garbage. Similarly, roof care benefits heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently.

Therefore, hygiene is of great importance, both for roof maintenance and for home systems.

3. Disconnect electrical appliances that are not used

Did you know that connected electronic devices consume electricity even when you are not using them? This is because most of them have a current-consuming timer.

So, to save money on your monthly electricity bill and extend the life of your electronics, those that are not used should be disconnected.

4. Seal windows and doors during rain

Water can cause damage to wooden objects and furniture. So in rainy weather, windows and doors must be closed to prevent flooding that can seriously damage the home.

5. Clean the drains for home maintenance

Blockages in drains prevent water from moving. Therefore, they are a problem that requires the presence of an expert, which deserves a monetary expense.

Frequent cleaning of drains it's a way to save money and avoid fluid build-up. You can use a wire hook or a special tool to remove clogs.

6. Clean the dryer filter

When we use the dryer, the lint from the clothes sticks to the filter. However, their accumulation can start a fire. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean it often to avoid a catastrophe.

7. Using vinegar or baking soda in washing machines

Excess lime in washing machines causes breakdowns, clogs pipes, shortens appliance use, and causes poor performance.

However, add white vinegar or a tablespoon of baking soda to the bucket works to clean and counteract the build-up of limescale in washing machines.

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8. Check appliances, electrical and plumbing systems

Another activity that needs to be mentioned is the review of the operation of electrical appliances, as well as electrical and plumbing systems. It is carried out every 6 months in order to prevent accidents and contain possible breakdowns in time.

Appliances need frequent overhaul for small problems that can be fixed before moving on to larger ones.

9. Rinse the water heater

To remove any minerals or dirt in the system, the water heater should be rinsed once a year. In the same way, its hygiene will allow efficient and long-lasting operation.

10. Paint the house

Varnished items, metal items (gates, railings, roof covers), and the exterior of the home should be repainted once a year in hot climates. Regarding homes with humid climates, an expert must carry out a preliminary inspection to avoid shedding or the appearance of fungi.

Unlike the external part, the internal part must be repainted every 2 years. That would be enough.

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Make home maintenance a priority

Avoid putting off your home maintenance routine, so don't put off what you can do today until tomorrow. Even if you are a busy person, It is essential to allocate part of your time to carry out these activities.

The frequency of maintenance allows to identify and solve problems on time, saving money, protecting the value of the house and preserving the internal and external elements.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that, although performing the maintenance yourself is cheaper, do not rule out the technicians, since they are sometimes necessary to resolve situations that are beyond our control.