10 tips for a healthy Christmas

How to live a healthy Christmas? We know that excesses are the order of the day at this time. Dinners at grandparents' homes, celebrations with coworkers, and get-togethers with friends become the perfect opportunity to share foods and drinks that tend to be over-calorie.

In this way, in a few days, much of the effort made during the year to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle can be lost. Therefore, in order not to neglect what is associated with well-being, it is convenient to put some tips into practice. Take note!

Tips for a healthy Christmas

The abundance of traditional high-calorie dishes and the consumption of alcohol – and even tobacco – tend to break with the healthy habits that have been had throughout the year. So, celebrations tend to become a health risk factor through a higher intake of fried foods, sugars and unhealthy fats.

All these excesses make Christmas bring the following health consequences:

  • Increase in cholesterol, blood sugar and uric acid levels.
  • Greater fluid retention.
  • Weight gain and body fat.
  • Rises in blood pressure

So how do you live a healthy Christmas? What to take into account so as not to compromise health? Let's see in detail some recommendations.

1. Don't abandon routines

It is important to take care of the habits that have been had throughout the year, since during this time physical activity is usually stopped. Consequently, more sedentary lifestyle is generated and even a greater increase in body fat.

If you have many social commitments, it is recommended to lower the intensity of the exercise or opt for walks that allow the body not to lose the habit of exercising.

Continuing to exercise during the Christmas season is key to not spoiling all the effort made during the year.

2. Do not deprive yourself of meals, but do not overdo it

Above all, moderation. Although Christmas food tends to delight all palates, it is vitally important to maintain a adequate consumption of food and, especially, alcohol.

Dishes made with vegetables and low in sugar are usually an excellent option to take care of yourself and avoid gaining weight. In addition, with sweets and desserts it is necessary to choose with moderation, since they are usually the options that can generate the most an increase in abdominal fat.

We know how difficult it becomes to have a couple of churros around, pudding or cakes. Therefore, one of the keys may be to opt for half quantities of a whole piece; This is how you taste those delicious dishes, without having the guilt of not trying.

3. Plan properly Christmas activities

We know that this is a time for meetings, and for many it can be exhausting to fulfill so much social commitment and continue to carry out their daily tasks. So, It is necessary to plan correctly the various activities that are planned.

Creating a calendar allows you to view all your commitments in more order. One idea may be to use colored papers, as a kind of traffic light, which allows better distribution of time in each of the activities that are held during these dates.

4. Consume alcohol in moderation

Celebrating is a theme that tends to be linked to alcohol, and this increases more on a date like Christmas, where there is no lack of wine, champagne or any special cocktail. However, consuming alcohol responsibly is possible.

  • First, It is advisable to keep your stomach full so that the toasts do not take advantage of you.
  • In addition, you have to try to balance alcohol with water consumption. In this way it can be eliminated easier to avoid a strong hangover.
  • In any case, for a more extreme care, it is best to opt for zero alcohol drinks.

5. Stay hydrated

As we already mentioned, water is an ally to live a healthy Christmas. Maintaining an optimal intake can help improve intestinal transit to avoid digestive difficulties. It also avoids problems associated with dehydration.

6. Check food ingredients

By eating well no one is going to damage the party. Dishes rich in vegetables and fruits can satisfy hunger, which avoids choosing dishes that are too caloric. It is also convenient to cook with little salt and with foods that provide significant amounts of fiber.

7. Celebrate in moderation

Everything taken to the extreme can be risky. And it is that Christmas is a time of food excesses, as well as celebrations. Thus, It is necessary to try to moderate the meetings, the amounts of food and the intake of beverages. Taking everything to excess can lead to accidents and gastrointestinal diseases.

Moderation is the key to enjoying the holidays without affecting your health.

8. Rest

Rest time is essential to take care of our mind and body. Staying awake late at night often causes eyestrain, among other health problems. It is essential to get adequate rest, that is, between 7 and 8 hours a day.

9. Enjoy with the family

Christmas is also a time to show affection. Therefore, nothing better than spending time with loved ones. The emotions positives like love and joy are the best formulas for producing endorphins. Thus, the feeling of well-being will increase and problems such as depression will be avoided.

10. Avoid self-medication

The excesses of these holidays can lead to certain health problems. However, avoid self-medication and seek to consult an expert before taking any drug. Whether with the doctor or the pharmacist, it is better to seek advice.

Living a healthy Christmas is possible

For a long time, Christmas has gone hand in hand with excesses of both food and drink and parties. Although it is not bad to enjoy, consider that this can lead to health problems. The ideal thing is to take care of the routines and plan to choose healthy.

Consuming plenty of water, physical exercise and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables are simple options to take care of the body. They are worth keeping in mind each day of these holidays.