10 things that will make you go to the bathroom

Do you have trouble going to the bathroom? Do you dream of being able to have a healthy digestion? or what is the same … do you want to fight your chronic constipation? If you are part of that 20% of the population that visits the bathroom less than three times a week these tips are for you.

one. Dinner soon and little… Our stomach has its own circadian rhythm, that is, when the sunlight goes out, it too. ¿What does this mean? If you have dinner at ten o'clock in the evening and you get up at seven in the morning, when the alarm goes off, your stomach will have only emptied half of its content, you will not feel like having breakfast, you will not visit the bathroom before leaving home and, worst of all, you will start the day bloated.

two. Have breakfast at home. And without hurry. Enjoying what you are eating, which, to combat constipation, should be: liquid (infusion, milk, coffee, juice without sugar, water …) + non-digestible fiber (present, for example, in whole wheat bread and cereals rich in wheat bran) + protein (egg, cooked ham, yogurt …) + fruit. If you eat breakfast like this, not only will you help your body to reconcile with the bathroom, but you will awaken your brain and improve your concentration. Eating a coffee machine in the office corridor is a crime for your gut and your mind, remember that the brain only needs one thing to function: glucose and, if you do not give it, you will not be able to surrender.

3. Eat fiber throughout the day. The goal is for you to eat 25-30 g daily. An impossible number to obtain? Not really. Calculate that if you eat 50 g of cereals with fiber at breakfast, in the middle of the morning one apple, you eat 100 g of vegetables, in your snack you include another piece of fruit and as a garnish for your dinner you use 100 g of broccoli cooked already you will have obtained that amount. Another idea: olives and pickles (gherkins, onions in vinegar, carrots …), consumed in small quantities, also provide fiber and lactobacilli that help intestinal transit.

Four. move on. To activate our digestive health, it is not necessary to sign up for the most expensive gym in the city or to dress in color to jump in a class with thirty other people, your intestine only needs you to live an active life. Walk as much as you can, go up and down stairs, play petanque with friends, dance with your partner … and, if you do it daily, you will notice the change.

5. Sign up for Pilates. If you want to reinforce the effect that your new active life is achieving, practice a guided physical activity a couple of times a week. The key is that it be a sport that is not strenuous, because exercise at a very high rate increases the production of free radicals that age the body and do not promote your goal, which is a regular bowel movement. Pilates is ideal because it tones all abdominal muscle and pelvic floor.

6 Check with your doctor. Many drugs cause constipation. So if you are living this uncomfortable symptom, it is good that you go to your GP and explain everything you take at the end of the day, both what the specialist has sent you and what you have bought for yourself at the pharmacy . Sometimes it is possible that you are duplicating medication, so you can eliminate any of the medications, or you can replace a drug with another that does not cause constipation. And never, never, never self-medicate.

7 Listen to the call of nature. Stop going to the bathroom because you are in a hurry or not is time or is not the right place is a serious mistake. A US investigation showed that, in a group of young and healthy people, it was enough to "hold out" for four days so that they would lose the gastrocolonic reflex and enter to be part of the sad group of constipated. Take note for the next time you "cut" it in the office bathroom.

8 Sign up for wheat bran. Wheat bran is the outer part of the wheat grain, which protects the grain, and is an important source of insoluble fiber. Compared with other cereals, it is the one that contains the most fiber. What differentiates it from whole grains? Well, the products made with whole grains are made with whole grain and ground, so the effect of the fiber is more diluted, while in those that are made with wheat bran only the outer covering of the cereal is selected, which , on the other hand, not only is it the one that contains more fiber, but it also has the vitamins (folic acid, B vitamins and vitamin E), minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium) and antioxidants (polyphenols).

9 Drink a lot of water. Trying to go to the bathroom without providing the body with the necessary fluid is not possible. You need to drink two liters of liquid per day (need that can be increased depending on physical activity and atmospheric conditions). The ideal liquid? Water. And if you want to give it a little joy, you can also get addicted to any beverage without caffeine and without calories, at infusions and to juices without sugar.

10 Neither tobacco nor alcohol. Forget about the myth that smoking helps to go to the bathroom, it's a lie. The reality shown by scientific studies is that not smoking improves intestinal transit. Another thing you should fire from if you suffer constipation is alcohol. Beer and distilled alcohol streak. Go to the glass of wine at lunch or dinner at the most.