10 phrases that should be said to children frequently

Parents, in most cases, have the right feelings for their children, but not the right words. The truth is that sentences can exhibit as much power as actions, so that it is crucial to know the best expressions to say to children and understand the reasons for its precise use.

Phrases educate

External disturbances and stress motivate much of the sentences spoken to children. In addition, the little time available means that the comments have no real value, but rather constitute a simple message to comply with the process of the daily situation. However, the repetition of these bad practices creates a demotivating effect.

Undoubtedly, children's education starts with words, which can lead to favorable results so that they become orderly, happy, creative and even acquire a greater degree of responsibility.

Now, it is a good time to know the impact of sentences on self-esteem and the recommendations to express yourself frequently.

Impact of words on children's self-esteem

Lack of confidence in adulthood is born from a poor education towards the reinforcement of self-esteem. This is counteracted by understanding the sentences to say to the children.

The impact of a loving, warm, empathetic and very receptive communication is enormous, positively altering the way in which little ones are perceived. Insecurities start to matter less when it comes to dealing with the confusing reality of the world around them.

As an example, yelling and punishment are tools that create distance between children and parents, which can become irretrievable over time. On the other hand, that aggressiveness promotes insecurity, undermining both strong self-esteem and mental health.

Family yelling only undermines the self-esteem of all group members, affecting children in particular.

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Phrases to say to children frequently

The phrases to say to children point towards the positive, self-esteem, motivation and inspiration. In that order of ideas, pay attention to the 10 recommendations that can improve the development of infants.

1. "I trust you"

This phrase is aimed at children's self-esteem, since the strength of the demonstration of confidence allows deep internal reflection in future decision-making. Furthermore, it lays a solid foundation to take on any challenge with confidence in your abilities.

2. "You are very special"

When saying that children are special, it is not intended that they feel superior to the rest, but that understand that each person has their own characteristics that define them and that the differences are normal. This avoids any bad behavior towards what they consider strange and reduces any punctual rejection.

3. "I understand you"

Children's concerns may be perceived with an expendable degree of importance, but each human being at specific stages of life appreciates the world differently.

So that, showing understanding to what children express not only calms them, it also helps them find the solution to problems.

4. "Let's solve it together"

Focusing on the solution instead of the problem opens the minds of the little ones. How does it happen? Well, from the demonstration that there are drawbacks that cannot be avoided, but that in most circumstances they can be remedied with some patience and peace of mind.

5. "I am very proud of you"

During childhood, achievements are motivated by making parents happy. In this way, when a situation occurs in which they have reached a goal, the pride response makes them consider that everything makes sense, thus finding satisfaction.

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6. "You can try again"

Within the phrases to say to children, this can be enormously motivating. It represents a healthy response to adverse scenarios, transmitting to the children that difficulties should not lead to surrender, but to learning, courage and perseverance to try again with another level of preparation.

7. "Everything will be fine"

The tranquility that comes with this string of words is one of the best ways to reduce tensions of the moment. In addition to this, it works so that it is understood that problems are temporary and that one must learn to face the transition full of uncertainty.

8. "I'm happy to have you around"

Each parent has a different personality and different ways of expressing their feelings. Nevertheless, make it clear to the child that there is satisfaction in the parents for their presence it makes the bond greater and feels loved. This, in turn, creates happiness and confidence in everything you do.

The meeting between parents and children must overcome the barriers of everyday life to strengthen the bond in the future.

9. "You can get where you want"

An attitude promoted from the discourse, which incorporates in the children's thoughts the "I may" Y "I am capable". From then on, each proposed action will have no mental barriers.

In fact, will find solutions to follow because of instilled conviction from a sentence that seems to be quite simple.

10. “What do you think of this? Do you like how it turned out? What do you think?"

The last of the sentences to say to children, is actually based on questions to know their assessment of things. Thus they form an independent judgment of the results and feel that their opinion is important at home.

These phrases to say to children are a boost to your life

The phrases to say to children can be very varied, but the fundamental principle is that help expand their minds and strengthen their emotional security.

Finally, trust, respect, empathy and motivation are pillars that awaken positive attitudes and that are replicated in any activity that children develop.