10 keys to getting it right when it comes to decorating with an industrial style

As the name implies, the industrial style is inspired by factories. It is a style with a simple architecture and the use of materials with few details and ornaments. It is a style that will give your home a youthful, fresh and characterful touch. In this article we will tell you about 10 keys to decorate with an industrial style and not fail in the attempt.

A publication called The industrial style adapted to the contemporary style in interior design explain what During the 1950s, several factories in New York closed and eventually became homes.

Thus was born the famous industrial style. It is also known as urban style or loft. It is a favorite for decorating restaurants, cafes and apartments in cities. Due to the use of rough materials such as cement, bricks and steel, and dark, metallic and cold colors, this style has been associated with the masculine.

However, its adaptation and current use allows the industrial style to blend with softer, clearer and more feminine materials, textures and colors. However, this style has a rocker, modern and sophisticated touch.

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Characteristics of the industrial style

This style is based on the look of some old factories.

The industrial style is characterized by being timeless, after more than 50 years of its boom it is still valid and fresh. Open spaces with exposed brick and concrete walls and floors; large windows; and furniture that combines wood and metal combine to give an urban look, inspired by factories, but adapted to homes and trends.

It is also an eclectic style, that is, it allows mixes with different types of styles and elements. Thus, elements of rustic styles can be included, vintage, Scandinavian and minimalist.

One of its main characteristics is that, since it was used in factories at the beginning, it is usually used in typical spaces loft. That is, in homes or places that have few walls or partitions.

10 keys to hitting the industrial-style decoration

The industrial style is ideal for use in open spaces in which there are large windows and high ceilings, with a simple architecture and a tendency towards minimalism.

However, if your house is not type loft, do not worry! You can adapt it to your home. Here we share some keys to use it.

Use natural wood

If you want to have an industrial style, it is best to leave the wooden furniture in its natural state. Do not apply varnishes, glitter or paints.

It allows the wood grain to appear in its natural state. You can even allow nails or other finishes to show through. There is no need to disguise them.

Leave the materials naked

While many decorative styles try to hide taps, trim and bricks to have highly polished finishes, the industrial style seeks the opposite. There is no problem in leaving pipes and structures exposed.

Likewise, concrete, wood, concrete, leather, and bricks should be left in the most natural state possible.

Iron and steel are the best allies

These types of materials are essential if you are looking to decorate with an industrial style. Put aside plastics and ceramics to replace them with stainless steel or iron. You can change the plastic bins and organizer boxes for metal baskets.

The same happens with chairs and tables, include some that have metal legs or the entire body. Decorative elements such as figurines and kitchen implements they must also have these materials.

Choose furniture that combines wood and metal

When decorating with an industrial style, you should play with elements that look new and old. One of the best ways to have this effect in a balanced way is to use furniture that combines wood with metal.

The metal, with its shine, will give that modern look. For its part, the wood gives a more rustic touch, it is special when varnishes are not used.

Reuse and make your own decorative objects

This style is inspired by factories, therefore you can reuse industrial elements to make them useful objects. Pallet tables or chairs work great. Similarly, you can look for lamps or decorations made with reused metal objects.

Also, you can use tin boxes or amber glass bottles to turn them into vases or containers. If you are a music lover, you can put your electric guitars or exposed instruments with metal bases.

Use furniture and objects that look worn

As the industrial style is inspired by factories and urban environment, items that have a worn look are ideal. Worn is not synonymous with damaged. It is about finding fabrics and textures that reflect the change of time.

You can even get items such as clocks, lamps or canned paintings that have a little peeling paint, intentionally.

Also, you can apply a paint style that achieves the worn effect, in which some bricks are left to life and patches of paint that are not uniform.

It is important that you look for an expert painter in this type of finish or that you look for inspiration with images that you can imitate. It's not about random paint splatter.

Incorporates retro elements

As the industrial style was born in the 50s, you can put some elements vintage or retro like old coca cola logos, pictures of bands of Rock And Roll, decorative tin plates or pop-style paintings, such as Andy Warhol's. You can even dust off some antiques and family heirlooms like watches or metal objects.

Choose a color palette according to the industrial style

When decorating in an industrial style it is important to use a color palette that matches this style. Vivid colors are rarely used. On the contrary, neutral colors predominate with different shades of gray, beige, bronzes, grayish blues and accents in black and white tones.

The greatest warmth will be provided by the tone of the wood you choose, the bricks that are exposed and some leather accessories.

Choose textiles and patterns to match

The industrial style was very popular in British men's clubs. Hence, plaid fabrics of the Scottish type are a classic of this style. However, fabrics made of natural fibers and in light colors such as linen or cotton also combine very well and provide warmth.

On the other hand, leather is a perfect material to have some furniture. The Chester sofa in brown tones is an iconic piece for the industrial style.

Use large and spot lamps

Lighting is essential for industrial-style decoration. Use lamps with metal caps or leave the bulbs in plain sight. Lamps that have a style similar to film or photography work very well and also those that are pendant.

Adapt it to your space

Think about what makes you happy before deciding to arrange the space!

Although the industrial style has some special characteristics in its origin, which are adapted to spaces with few and large divisions, it is possible to adapt it to other types of spaces.

Even in interior design the term has been used neo-industrial or industrial chic to call the industrial style that includes other elements that soften it, add more color and allow it to be in smaller spaces.

For example, you can add some plants or cushions in bright tones to give life and color to the spaces. You can also adapt industrial decor for a small space or a specific area of ​​your home only, such as a recreation room, study, or your teenager's room.