10 ideas to store your ironing board without losing space at home

Ironing boards are a central item in most homes. Due to its size and weight, many families have trouble storing them after use. If you need it on a daily basis, you may want to have it close at all times, so the following ideas for storing the ironing board are what you are looking for.

We do not always have an ideal place to hide this tool; especially if we live in small spaces. In practice, it just takes a little creativity so that we can store them in a functional way. Today we review tricks for all sizes, spaces and homes.

Ideas to hide the ironing board

Storing the ironing board does not have to be a daily ordeal after use. The area you choose for it depends on its size, weight, and shape. Some tables can be folded to reduce dimensions, while others occupy a greater volume because they are anchored to a table.

1. Under the bed

Yes, it seems like the most obvious place to store your ironing board, but even the most skilled cleaning and decorating experts can skip it. This is the perfect hiding place for camouflage and, best of all, you can always quickly dispose of it when you need it.

The standard size of an ironing board is 120 centimeters by 30 centimeters. This means that the tool can be easily placed under your bed, even if you already have a couple of things stored there.

It is often a common concern to resolve saving the table, but you can be resourceful.

2. Hanging behind the door

For a low price you can get special hangers and hooks to anchor the ironing board behind the door. This area is generally unused and a great place to hide large or heavy objects is wasted.

The important thing is that the clamping mechanism is installed securelyThis will prevent the board from falling unexpectedly. If you think so, you can go to a professional to do the installation for you.

3. On the wall, just behind the door

If your door is very old or you don't want it to support extra weight, then you can store the ironing board right on the wall that is hidden when you open it. It is a perfect place to get discretionas it will not be visible when the door is open. Of course, you must install a special hanger that will hold on firmly.

This area of ​​the wall is also usually ignored when taking advantage of the available space. If you have a coat rack there, consider removing it elsewhere. Being static at all times, the ironing tool has less chance of falling due to door movements.

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4. Next to the washer or dryer

It is common for a gap to develop between the washer or dryer. You cannot waste it if you have a few square meters in your home. If the tool can be bent, then store it in the available centimeters between the wall and these two washing machines.

Before doing so, assess how much heat is transmitted to this area when you turn on either of the two appliances. It is common that in old models the energy transmission is greater. In these cases, remove the board to reduce fire hazards to zero.

5. Anchored to the wall

For a low price you can install a small door in the wall where you can store the ironing board in vertical format. Contrary to what you think, its installation is not complicated and does not alter the design of the room.

You can do it at any height and even that it unfolds horizontally to use it in that same area. Installation can be done along the line of the wall or protruding slightly to reduce construction efforts. You can even have an extra couple of inches to store the iron and cleaning products.

6. Inside a closet

This trick only works for tables whose size does not exceed the standard. In almost any closet you should be able to store the small ones, so that they are away from any point of visual focus. Ideally, you should anchor it with the help of a bra.

You just have to make a little space between the clothes you have and place it on one of the flanks. Try to fit it as close to the extreme as you can, so you avoid disturbing the functionality of the remaining space. If you wish, you can also anchor it to the closet door.

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7. On the wall, as a decorative element

There are many everyday objects that you can use as decorative pieces. Ironing boards are one of them, with the addition that you also use the pretext to store them discreetly. Its color, texture and design determine how well it blends in with the other elements.

If your table is classic style or vintage, for example, you can hide it very well as a decorative space. You can even add a special cover with colors or textures. You only need a couple of tools to anchor it.

8. Attach it to the rest of the furniture

If the table is built into a table or cannot be folded, your best alternative is to integrate it into the rest of the furniture. It is true that it is not the best option when it comes to saving space, although it is a functional alternative if you no longer find what to do with it.

You can place it in the corner of a room, next to a wall or in the laundry section. The important thing is that you integrate it naturally together with the other objects and, if possible, take advantage of the table or drawers to store things. Of course, try not to overload it so that it is not the center of attention.

9. Take advantage of the small spaces available

Maybe you have a few inches left between the fridge and the wall or between the main cabinet and a table. You may find a spot between the back of the bed or just behind the dresser in the main bedroom.

You just have to unleash your creativity and visual acuity. Find an area that you can use to store the ironing board; must be discreet, functional and maintain a degree of humidity or heat commensurate with the material of the tool.

There are several models of tables that can be chosen according to the availability of space.

10. Consider changing your model

If the color, size, shape or style of your ironing board does not fit the spaces you have at home, it may be best to replace it with a new one. This time you will get one that you can store in some of the places described, so that it does not generate headaches.

Latest recommendations for storing your ironing board

Always opt for folding models; there are even some that can be transformed into a mirror by placing them vertically. Don't be afraid to invest a little money as long as it represents more functionality.

We finish by reminding you that the material that covers the surface of the table is prone to assimilate odors and temperature. Check periodically if it does not get wet or hot in the place you have chosen. Also if mold appears. If this is the case, remove it and find a new place of shelter.