10 ideas to make a pergola with style

We show you the best styles for pergolas and we tell you what materials are ideal when planning your patio. Choose what best suits your home.

Last update: June 11, 2021

Pergolas are structures that are located in outdoor spaces, such as terraces, parks and gardens. Their main function is to provide natural shade in a certain place. There are many ideas for making a pergola, so we have selected the most interesting and easy ones.

Once it's ready, you can plant species of climbing plants or vines to cover the rafters and form a natural barrier. Likewise, the decorative function will serve to delimit environments or form a covered path.

1. White wood

Depending on the style of your house, white wood can be a great option to make a pergola. It is made with thin boards painted white to surround the space. For the roof you can choose white or transparent corrugated plastic that will let in a good amount of light.

If you do not want to roof it because you prefer it to be open, we suggest that you place wooden boards leaving very little space between them. This limits the amount of sun that filters through.

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2. Black and white

The black in your pergola will add a touch of elegance to the garden. The structure will be made of black painted wood and you can place a white awning to generate a very contrast chic. You can always include rustic plants and lights to enhance the atmosphere.

Pergolas can form a hallway in the yard for tours.

3. Original roof

Among the best ideas to make a pergola we find a very original roof option. On the market there are sheet metal plates that allow light to pass through because they have cuts. It can be geometric or abstract patterns.

4. Spout and wood

It is a perfect combination that does not go out of style and adapts to any style. The structure of pillars and beams is made of pipe (dark) and the ceiling is made of wooden boards (natural tone, if possible).

5. Logs

If you prefer a rustic style, some wooden logs for the structure they will give your garden that country touch you are looking for. You can roof with a wire mesh through which the branches of the vine will then be intertwined, in case you decide to place one.

6. Iron and reed

In this case, we designed an iron structure and covered it with reeds. A very harmonious combination of natural and industrial elements remains.

7. Fabrics

Regardless of the material you choose for the structure, the proposal for roofing is a curtain-type awning that falls elegantly from the upper part of the pergola. You must choose wisely the type of fabric to withstand inclement weather.

8. Brick and wood

The fusion of these materials gives a very interesting final rustic effect. The pillars would be brick, while the wooden pergola beams.

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9. Iron gazebo

It is a raised tent, but whose structure is made of iron and the white canvas cover. It is very beautiful and harmonizes with any environment.

10. Logs on the roof

This is another very rustic alternative in which simplicity is its main quality. You can choose to also make the columns of logs and the roof is covered with thinner ones, pretending to be branches.

Ideas of materials to make a pergola

As we have already reviewed, the materials to make a pergola are very varied and your choice will depend on several factors. For example, the style that we already have at home and the use that we are going to give it.


We start with the favorite to make pergolas: wood. It is one of the most traditional because it brings warmth, beauty and is very versatile. In this sense, it allows us to achieve a modern or rustic style, depending on the treatment we give it.


It's tough, maintenance-free, but not as flexible. This means that design ways are a bit limited, which leads us to rather minimalist forms.


It is also resistant, but allows more play with the forms. The structure can be decorated with firulets or ornaments that will fit you very well. From time to time you will have to protect it with antioxidant paint.

Wood brings rustic touches to pergolas. Its annual maintenance must be considered when exposed to the weather.


It is an option that is gaining strength because it is a material that resists humidity and any weather condition very well in general. You just have to be careful with sunlight.

The ideas to make a pergola depend on your home

We say yes to pergolas because will change the look of your outdoor spaces in a great way. Whichever style you choose, you will certainly put it to use and it won't just be a decorative structure.

Always take into account the direction of sunlight, the orientation of the garden or terrace and the shade when choosing the best location for your pergola. On the other hand, you must define the site in relation to the proximity to the house, whether you want it to be a continuation of it or to be rather secluded.

Think of summer afternoons enjoying a good read under your pergola. Or in a family reunion or with protected friends in that space that will always be ready to receive you in a natural and unique environment.

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