10 ideal movies for teenagers

These famous teen films marked generations in their wake and continue to be cult films that deserve to be seen. Just choose your favorite and enjoy!

Last update: 16 January, 2022

Youth and the passage from childhood to adolescence have been themes frequently explored by the seventh art over the years. Ideal movies for teenagers that evoke that stage of immaturity and self-discovery, where the characters are still finding themselves and discovering their inner desires.

Cinema is, on many occasions, a reflection of reality that tries to teach viewers the daily routines and dilemmas of daily life. Thus, each era has its adolescent cult films that portray what life was like in those years and the joys and difficulties that young people had to face.

The first adventures with friends, the sexual awakening and the typical existentialism of adolescence have been an inevitable attraction for young moviegoers who seek to identify with the characters, or adults who want to reminisce about the nostalgia of their younger years. This is a compilation of the 10 ideal movies for teenagers.

Top 10 movies ideal for teenagers

Take advantage of the weekend to enjoy these 10 ideal movies for teenagers.

In this list you will find everything from cult classics from the 80s to more current romantic comedies where technology acts as Celestina. Just pick your favorite tapes and let the movie marathon begin.

one. The advantages of being an outcast (Stephen Chbosky, 2012)

This 2012 film is the film adaptation of the homonymous novel written in 1999. This youth film, written and directed by Stephen Chbosky, pays tribute to all those introverted and weird teenagers who can’t find their place in the world, but who try to make the path more pleasant hand in hand with their true friends.

The film, set in the 90s, focuses on the life of Charlie, a shy and lonely young man who, together with two of his best friends, faces the adversities of being a teenager. The filmLike the book, it narrates unavoidable realities without pretensions or censorship, such as the love relationships, sex, drugs, identity, friendship and family problems.

two. Under the same star (Josh Boone, 2014)

If you just want a little romantic drama, Under the same star It will surely bring a tear to your eyes. This film, adaptation of the best seller John Green’s namesake, tells the story of a teenage couple who must stay strong to continue living experiences and fighting cancer together. First love, internal duels and how difficult life can be are the main themes.

3. heavy girls (Tina Fey, 2004)

This culture classic pop and the teen comedy was written and directed by Tina Fey, and starred Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Despite having been released in 2004, it is still one of the favorite comedies for young people and adults thanks to its masterful way of portray the cliches from highschool.

The film follows the life of Cady, a naive young woman who goes from being educated at home to studying in a large institute, with hundreds of students and their particular personalities. Along the way, she makes friends with different people and discovers the advantages and everything that being a “mean girl” represents in school.

Four. super outgoing (Greg Mottola, 2007)

This American teen comedy is one of the most remembered roles of its protagonists: Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. It tells the story of Seth and Evan, a couple of immature youngsters in full discovery of sex and parties, who days before graduating from high school they decide to lose their virginity at all costs. The film turned out to be a box office success and eventually became a cult comedy.

5. boys don’t cry (Kimberly Pierce, 1999)

This indie film stars Hilary Swank and Chloë Sevigny. It tells the true story of Brandon Teena, a transgender man who from a young age adopts his masculine identity and tries to find himself and love, before being the victim of a hate crime at the hands of two ex-convicts.

Due to its plot, it became one of the pioneering films to deal with the issue of male transsexuality and one of the most memorable LGBT+-themed films. It was cataloged by critics as one of the best films of the year, to the point of giving Hilary Swank an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, who won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Actress.

scream It was one of the most popular movies of the 90s.

6. scream (Wes Craven, 1996)

Director Wes Craven revived teen horror and suspense with this film and its sequels (including a television series). Its plot focuses on the young Sidney, a young student who is targeted by a masked serial killer, known as ghost face.

This fearsome killer, with a curious white mask, is responsible for the death of his mother and promises to make her life a nightmare. One of the most famous and blockbuster horror movies of its time.

7. grease (Randall Kleiser, 1978)

One of the pioneers of the teenage musical is this film set in the 50s and starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It is an adaptation of a hit Broadway musical and quickly became a cult movie, both for its soundtrack and its catchy choreography.

The popular film centers on handsome, rebellious Danny Zuko’s romance with innocent young Sandy Olsson, just when they thought fate would inevitably separate them.

8. youth and witches (Andrew Fleming, 1996)

A group of four young outcasts meet in high school and they begin to practice witchcraft for their benefit, without knowing the consequences that his actions would cause. One of its protagonists, Sarah Bailey, begins to be aware of her supernatural powers and moves to a new school after the death of her mother. Once there, he meets three young witches and the drama begins.

As a result, Sarah becomes the key to being the “fourth” and thus completing the necessary power to invoke the four cardinal points in a special ritual. But every action has a reaction, and these teenage witches will find that out the hard way.

9. High School Musical (Kenny Ortega, 2006)

For sure, one of the most famous teen musicals of recent times. It catapulted its leads to worldwide fame and became one of Disney’s most popular original films. Its enormous success among teenagers led to two more sequels, released in 2007 and 2008.

It tells the story of a group of high school youth fascinated by singing, dancing, and sports, who begin to discover love, rivalries, and friendship among their peers. The characters are easy to identify with, as there are all kinds of teenagers: from the shy scholar to the outgoing artist, from the handsome jock to a sensitive singer.

10. out of the loop (Amy Heckerling, 1995)

Also known by its original title, clueless, is one of the most famous teen comedies of all time and It became a style reference of the 90s. This film, starring Alicia Silverstone, follows the daily life of a wealthy Beverly Hills schoolgirl and satires the lifestyle of America’s upper-middle classes.

Due to pioneers like this 90s film, the famous and typical character of dumb blonde, exploited in subsequent films such as Legally Blonde (2001), heavy girls (2004) or A bunny on campus (2008) would not have existed. Therefore, she is considered the mother of many contemporary teen movies.

honorable mentions

It is clear that each decade has its flagship films to represent the adolescence and rebellion of the time. Films that remained in the memory of all the young people who saw them and that bring nostalgia for the golden times of immaturity. Here are some of the best teen movies that deserve honorable mention:

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Susan Johnson, 2018)
  • Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig, 2017)
  • The Bling Ring (Sofia Coppola, 2014)
  • The club of five (John Hughes, 1985)
  • School for young killers -Heathers- (Michael Lehmann, 1988)

Now, you have a good selection of tapes to relive those years of youth and remember that time of first times and without adult worries. Just pick your favorite movies, make your best popcorn, and sit back for an incredible movie marathon with these teen-friendly movies.

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