10 foods rich in calcium that will help your bones health

All aspects of health are extremely important and it is essential to understand that the best attitude is prevention, not reaction. This means that we need to avoid weakening our health as much as possible, which can be achieved through the food we eat and the activities we do.

One of the most necessary substances for the proper functioning of the body and that helps prevent many diseases is calcium. This is the most common mineral and, therefore, the most necessary in the body. It is well known that calcium is essential for the health of the bone structure of the body; but it is also necessary for the functioning of the muscles, the circulation of the blood, the constitution of the cells and more.

So it is no small thing to know those foods that can help us maintain the appropriate levels of calcium in the body. These are the following:


It is considered the product for excellent for the adequate consumption of calcium. However, it must be taken into account that this property is also contained in products derived from milk such as: yogurt, cheese and butter.


This fish contains a large amount of calcium <especially those are canned, because by the process to which it is subjected allows the calcium existing in the bones to pass into the meat and can be consumed.


A cup of broccoli can contain up to 40mg of calcium, an excellent amount. Likewise, this vegetable also has vitamin C, potassium and fiber: so it is a mandatory product in the diet.


These delicious products have a good amount of calcium; especially almonds and hazelnuts. Adding at least 25 grams of nuts in the daily diet will be very beneficial to obtain a good portion of calcium.


This is one of the vegetables with the highest calcium content, to the point that it almost equals milk. It is a perfect option so that vegans can have the calcium that their bodies need.


It is a vegetable with a high calcium content. It is recommended that it be eaten cooked, as its calcium concentration triples in this condition. Likewise, it is important to note that cabbage has a composition that makes it easier for the body to absorb calcium.


Soy is one of the legumes with the highest calcium content. For this reason it is possible to replace the consumption of ordinary milk with soy-based milk. Additionally, soy contains isoflavones, which prevent osteoporosis.


These legumes have 105mg of calcium in 100gr; which makes it one of the most important sources of calcium. It is advisable to consume this food about 3 times a week.


One of the most interesting properties of this food is that it has a good concentration of calcium, but also a large amount of nutrients that benefit the body.


This is the food with the highest concentration of calcium: 975mg in 100gr; about 8 times more than milk. Sesame is mandatory if you want to provide the body with a good amount of calcium.

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