10 common mistakes when decorating a balcony

Decorating the balcony is not an easy task. It is a small space and many times mistakes are made that could hinder the functionality of said environment.

Last update: 02 December, 2021

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a balcony, but you feel that you are not giving it the use you want. It may be because it is small in size or because you are not sure how to condition it to make it look beautiful and functional. There are some common mistakes when decorating a balcony that many people make that make this space unlivable.

Usually, we are talking about a small and open air place, so decorate it as if it were a living room it would not be entirely wise. Our proposal is to identify which are the most common errors and correct them.

The idea is to turn the balcony into a space that invites you to live it and enjoy it like any other environment in the apartment. The golden rule is to have little furniture that requires little maintenance, that is durable and resistant to water and the sun. Let’s review the 10 most common mistakes in balcony decoration below.

1. Do not think about the use we want to give the balcony

This error is one of the most common and we are not always aware of the uses that we can give to a balcony. If you have boys and girls, you may want to turn it into a play space.

On the other hand, if only adults live in the apartment, you will probably prefer to use it as a relaxation space, reading, visitor’s hall, dining room. Based on the utility that you are going to give it, you will decide which furniture to place and which not.

2. Not having a pre-established budget to remodel the balcony

Let’s suppose that you have already decided to renovate the balcony and want to turn it into a functional space in your home. You already know what style you want, because the balcony that you have seen in the decoration magazine looks great and you would like to imitate it. But when you start evaluating your own budget, you realize that it is not within your reach and frustration comes.

To diagram your budget you have to take into account that the floor and the walls will take most of it. As for the first, you could opt for artificial grass, wood or mosaics; for the walls, a textured paint, plants or tiles are the most used options. Finally, the furniture needs to meet some characteristics that we will review in the next point.

The balconies are small, as a rule, which invites to have a good design to gain functionality.

3. Choose inappropriate furniture

You have probably consulted some pages on decoration and have fallen in love with the tropical cushions, the armchairs with Nordic blankets and the scented candles that are on the rustic wooden mousetrap table. However, these furniture and decorative objects are not recommended for your balcony.

The material of the furniture and all the accessories must be resistant to the sun, to the water and to any weather condition. Also, the idea is that they do not require maintenance to be able to enjoy the space without having to spend so much time cleaning and tidying it. In this sense, PVC and aluminum are the best.

On the other hand, take into account the functionality of each object and accessory that you place on your balcony. One of the frequent mistakes when decorating a balcony is using too much furniture that does not contribute anything.

A narrow table, small chairs and even a folding chair or armchair for more comfort are more than enough. If there is no space (or budget) for furniture, A good blanket and cushions will suffice that you can remove when you are not on the balcony. Similarly, you could place a breakfast bar next to the balcony railing if the dimensions are not enough for a small table.

4. Don’t think vertically

Due to the reduced dimensions that most balconies offer, it is essential that we project vertically. For instance, use shelving, hanging pots, and folding tables. In this way, you leave free space to circulate and do not fill the places with objects that overload the visual.

5. Not having good lighting

Once again, we insist that you think about outdoor lighting. For example, string lights are very nice, but they are not practical or resistant to different weather conditions. Wall lamps or lanterns can be your allies; In addition, the solar lamps charge during the day and you can use them at night without problems.

6. Not choosing suitable textiles

The textiles you choose for your balcony must be resistant to sun and rain, because otherwise they will spoil very quickly. They can collect mold, discolor, or break easily.

7. Not taking into account the direction of the sun

If you have a balcony that receives the sun’s rays for most of the day, then it is important that you try to shade some part of the terrace. Either by means of a curtain, folding umbrella or a rustic bamboo roof, the ideal is that your balcony is protected from the sun so that you can enjoy it.

8. Placing too many plants

Whether you opt for a large pot with a small tree and flowers around it or several pots with different species, it is recommended that you do not overcrowd the space with so many plants. Take into account the sun they receive, the climate and the maintenance they require.

They should not be missing on your balcony because they provide color, life and aromas that change the city view. However, try to measure yourself in the quantity and quality of plants you place.

9. Forget privacy

As much as it is an outdoor environment, it is part of your home and something of your life passes on the balcony. So we suggest you think about giving him privacy. Whether with curtains, bamboo fences, plants or so-called japanese panels, the idea is that you gain privacy.

The vertical arrangement of the elements is a priority on the balcony, to gain space and functionality.

10. Not giving your personal style

The balcony, like every room in your home, should reflect your personality. We aim at minimalism for a practical matter and of reduced dimensions, but this does not mean a balcony devoid of life. On the contrary, we appeal that you can achieve a cozy, familiar, warm and functional environment that invites you to stay in it.

Trust your style to avoid frequent mistakes when decorating a balcony

We always say that the ideal is that we know how to adapt decoration magazines to our reality and our home. As much as the image looks pretty, sometimes can not be copied exactly the same, but we can give it a special touch and transmit our personality.

We encourage you to decorate your balcony trying not to make these mistakes. But above all, putting your personal stamp on each corner.

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